Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Life evolves like quilt projects

 First change is we lost Buddy a couple of weeks ago, it was a hard loss as all furbabies that go are. I didn't realize how much time I spent with him till I had all this time!
He had a wonderful 3 years with us out of a cage and in loving arms with everything that a Chihuahua could want. We will miss him

Holly is adjusting well to her new home and I am getting to know this little princess. Holly was very helpful in our adjustment. It is amazing how things work out we got her about a month before Buddy departed its like she had Chi wings and fluttered down to help us with our new life.

I had time to take Holly for long fall walks
I had time to do a mug rug swap through Small Talk Kathleen Tracey's group.
I had time to finish my basket quilt
I had time to bind 2 quilts that a friend could not do
I had time time to start a new project
I had time for another Chihuahua
Meet Teddy he has come to live with us through the Chihuahua Rescue and Transport team. They have some really cute chi's that need rescuing I can vouch that they are the most sweetest pups.
Our home is balanced again.

Mug Rug swap from LA CA
Mug Rug that I sent 

Black Bird Designs Trick or Treat Basket quilt Basket on side in Memory of our Dear Buddy

Hocuspocusville Skeleton Fabric From Logcabin Yardage. 

Start of the Houses to go around the nine patches

 I had time to go with my mom and DH we went to a lovely dinner

I have also lost 50lbs through watching what I eat and now exercising. I know that I will maintain and not go back to where I was.

The 2 quilts pictured are not mine but a friend of my mothers that wanted them finished so I put the binding on for her

our new addition Teddy
Doesn't he just look like a Teddy Bear

and then we have our new Teddy Bear is all of 6 lbs like Holly they both get along really well not sleeping together but are both happy to be together. DH is so happy with them as well they are so friendly and full of love. 
Well I think that is enough for now lots more has happened but I have taken enough time...have a great week I am linking up to Needle and Thread.