Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini update

I am being watched, this tree is just across from my computer chair and this is the sign that Nosey wants a treat, looking at this picture I think that I am in `wild kitdom` toys everywhere

I am trying to think of ways that I can show bits of my mini without giving it away as I am making progress, so here is all the fabric that has been cut to get it prepared, my bitty pile of scraps
okay, okay this is a corner. I have all the pieces prepared and on the background now I am just appliquing it all then quilting it...I know she will like it, those circles are the size of the eraser at the end of my pencil.

still working on my other stuff while I am on break at work but this I am working on at home.
Have a great 2weeks cause that seems to be the way of posting right now.
We are getting ready for a big snow storm tomorrow...oh I wish we could have a snow day but that won`t happen in Toronto I will tell you that!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blueberries are in season!!

Well I may have got a few peoples attention, blueberries are in season at my house anyways. I just finished getting the basket blocks ready for applique using the no melt templar method. Since I was already making the berries for the basket blocks I made them for the tulip blocks. I didn`t realize that I had been missing leaves as well on these tulip blocks and had to make more!! a quilters work is never done so now to applique these
This pattern I had started 2 years ago and it is from the Your Invited Book by Adams and Allen Black Bird designs, this quilt was designed by Lorraine Hofmann it is called Country Sunshine, every quilt in this book is worth making so get the book.

I also have the Aunt Millies blocks all pieced together with the lattice work sashing I am also going to piece the boarder like long brick work in different off whites and beiges to keep with the really scrappy look then I have to start the applique on the boarder..I am not using the same applique boarder there will be some changes to that as well since the boarder will be a bit wider.

I am also in a doll quilt swap and my swappy already knows what she is going to do it is Micki
Irish Muses, she has been a faithful follower of mine and I am so fortunate to get her. She lives in my most favorite part of the world, click on her name and read her wonderful and creative blog.
Thanks to Christine of Once Upon a Quilt who has hosted this swap and also holding auctions of her wonderful quilts to help the Australian flooding organization. You can visit her blog to read more about it.
I have a great idea for a doll quilt for Micki but can`t post anything about it cause then she will know what it is right away. I hope she doesn`t guess when we post bits and pieces as we go along.
well back to quilting work..thank goodness it is the weekend!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Letters with a Friend

here is Sandy`s lovely blocks she loved the pattern so much she bought the book and started working on hers, we are keeping each others incentive up when we visit each other we stitch on our blocks. I think we should visit each other more often. Sandi was not sure on how to needleturn so I gave her some pointers on how to and she just ran away with it and look at the super work she is doing
Here are my blocks..oops sorry the chair edged its way over...
here is Sandy getting block 5 ready it is so funny when she comes over she has about 2 bags of fat quarters and all her equipment needed to work on her project plus her phone her kids are all over the world right now Washington, London, Calgary so she always has her phone handy.
Sandy had moved into a beautiful home and has her new LAQ machine all set up and ready for quilting she is amazing!! just like her work as you saw earlier on my applique butterfly quilt where she Mctavished it all..
Weather wise it snows here but I would rather that than the flooding my thoughts go out to all Austrialian friends that are affected by this terrible trauma.