Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini update

I am being watched, this tree is just across from my computer chair and this is the sign that Nosey wants a treat, looking at this picture I think that I am in `wild kitdom` toys everywhere

I am trying to think of ways that I can show bits of my mini without giving it away as I am making progress, so here is all the fabric that has been cut to get it prepared, my bitty pile of scraps
okay, okay this is a corner. I have all the pieces prepared and on the background now I am just appliquing it all then quilting it...I know she will like it, those circles are the size of the eraser at the end of my pencil.

still working on my other stuff while I am on break at work but this I am working on at home.
Have a great 2weeks cause that seems to be the way of posting right now.
We are getting ready for a big snow storm tomorrow...oh I wish we could have a snow day but that won`t happen in Toronto I will tell you that!!


  1. What a beautiful block and gorgeous kitty

  2. Love the applique colours, so bright and vibrant - just the thing for the middle of a cold TO winter! Hugs to Nosey too.

  3. Those swirls on the white remind me of pictures my dad took of frosted window panes. Those scraps are so pretty, the finished project has gotta be lovely!

  4. keep in mind if it snows enough that the ttc shuts down and they have to call in the army....then it will be a snow day :-)

  5. Oooo I look forward to seeing the whole mini, the sneak peek is wonderful. Amazing how small the circle is, verus how it looks in a picture. I hope you didn't get as much snow as you thought. We had 8"s but blessedly no wind. Now to get above zero again :o)


  6. OOOOO, I really like that sneak peek.

  7. Beautiful applique! Can't wait to see the entire block. Kitty is adorable.
    We are hoping for a snow day too, but the TDSB has not closed a school because of the weather for about 20 years. I don't really care now that I am retired, but my daughter would love an extra day to do her report cards!

  8. So that is what Nosey looks like! Molly is the only one that ventures out when I'm there.

    Scrumptious looking sneak peeks .... can't wait to see the reveal.

  9. I love the sneak peak...Gee, I can't wait to see the whole thing. I love applique, so this is going to be wonderful, I know. I just finished the mini top for you.Tomorrow, I will begin the machine quilting, and try to give a sneak peak without giving too much away. That's the hard part. Aren't I the lucky bunny to have you as my partner? The mini for you has turned out so nice. Each block is 3 and a half inches...need I say more? It is tiny. Do me a favor and send me your address again. I will have this done in about two days, and then I will mail it out to you. Take a look at the sneak peak tomorrow, but it will be only a really sneaky I love your cat. You saw my new kitty didn't you? He's a Birman and adorable!
    Thanks! Micki

  10. Oh I love what I see, it is going to be so beautiful.
    Can't wait to see more.
    Lucky Micki


  11. By the way I would to see how you prep your applique


  12. Love the cat. My husband and I got married 9 months ago, we live in an apartment. One day my husband was throwing our trash in the dumpster and he found 2 beautiful cat houses off to the side by the dumpster. Our kitten Simba loves them to death!! They looked bran new.. well since simba has gotten to them they don't look so new anymore :)
    You can visit me here


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