Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something Wicked this Way comes...

these are the blocks I had started about 10 years ago and thought they would be appropriate to share the hollow's eve...

This was a quilt that was featured in one of the Quilt that was featured in Quilters Newsletter on the back and it gave an address where to send for it..I loved the quilt and wanted to do Hawiian Applique.. these patterns made it fun and unique

the book is the title of the post and the designers are Carolyn Lynch and Pat Gallagher (1920-1998) I feel very fortunate to receive the works of these 2 ladies as this book was designed by the both of them and this is dedicated to Pat.

I need to finish this quilt now that I have pulled it out I wonder why I put it away and then remembered it is to try to pick the great fabrics to make it as fabulous as these ladies did...Again I thank the designers in our quilting world you make my life so very exciting with your imagination.
I think I have the stash to accomplish this and think this will be on my UFO list to finish..starting for my 2010 year..
I am almost finished my 3rd Love Letters Block and my 5th Aunt Millies Garden will post pics soon downloading the pics takes some time. I also have a few gifts that I need to show you. I am waiting for one more mini to arrive and then I will show you
Don't forget tomorrow night is the night for the big draw for Pumpkin Patch I hope everyone went and posted on her blog...
Happy Hollow's Eve bloggers!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

finders keepers...

losers weepers.. do you remember that saying? Well many moooons ago I found this wonderful table on the side of the road in the pouring down rain I mean it was pouring!!..this was before I was to go for a quilting class.. thank goodness I have the sence to drive a Dodge Caravan.. if fit in there like a charm. I love this table and am so glad that someones junk became my treasure. I find wonderful things that people just put at the road side believe me!!

The reason I am mentioning this is my wonderful mini that I rec'd last week from Kari Ramsay it is just perfect for this table!! as you can see. I love it she made it out of a line called "Elleny" which was designed by Barbara Jones (a friend of hers) for Marcus brothers fabrics. It is just perfect with Indian summer colors which are my colors anyways.. I think it is just perfect!!

Here is a better picture of her wonderful mini and the petals she added to the center she even covered her own button!!

... but that is not all folks I got 3 not just 1 but 3 of her patterns as well!! and they are perfect for what I need them for...I have a scrap barrell that said hey I can see me in those patterns very that won't be till the new year but they are on my short list. Take a look at her site you may see something you like

I have been working on my AMG if you go to Megan's blog you can see a deliciously chocolate background for Aunt Millies Garden.. she did wonderful work on her applique and fabric choices.

I am still working on my Love Letter Blocks as well for applique night a the Doodle JoAnne was nice to take a pic of what we did on Friday and also the show and share go take a look at her blog you will see a better pic of my kitty quilt there... I have other pics but only had time for this little bit for now.. it seems I can never keep up with my life!! will post soon... thanks so much for visiting...
I know with the season approaching and the quilters list of "make me this and that" getting longer it is hard to divide our time...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

STOP right there and read great giveaway

You must go to this link and post say that I sent ya.. if they get 250 posts there will be 2 winners of 27 whimsical fat quarters but if there are 350 posts there is also a 100 dollar gift certificate..

If you post the link above you will have your name in the draw... give yourself a treat and go quickly closes Oct 31 on All Hollow's Eve... just think you can use the fabric for Kaaren's next Freebie Friday!! or Dorothy's Sweet Nostalgia blocks!!

The link is also the title should lead you right to the post for the giveaway!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boot scoot and boogie

over to Molly's place she is giving away a great years subscription to Mccall's quilting magazine..what quilter would not want that!! she has some wonderful ol' time country music to listen to while your browse what projects she is on...

I also found a blog that is posting other broken stars check out Lori's blog she has some stunning broken stars to show you...

Dorothy had asked what I had done on my applique adventure and I didn't post it.. so I will show it may not look like alot but it was really..these pieces are big..big..big!! It's not like I was doing alot of talking and eating homemade cookies or anything...

I also wanted to show you some of those wonderful little brown bird blocks from that night that Virginia had hidden in her box of applique treasures.
Some people had used a pigma pen to draw all the stems but if you click on the picture you will see she embroidered it all

I will leave you with dreamy eyes as you enjoy these blocks..she had more but I don't want to overwhelm you.. Virginia is the one that was doing the dancing bears.
I had to take a picture of her little needle case and goodie bag as well..glad I did cause you can see these are not big boxes..

Going to a quilt guild meeting tonight so not working on broken star quilt hopefully tomorrow

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stash Play!!

I thought I would post what I have been up to inbetween sleeping and going to work this weekend. I have been on a mission to try to finish some "UFO's" I got the kitty quilt done as you saw earlier.. but now this Star quilt.. it was alot more than I thought I had to finish it.. now don't get excited!! I don't have it done yet..but thought you would like to see how far I got.. I think now I on the home stretch that's cause I can do these "Y" seams in my sleep!!

Under it all are the big, big "petals" or diamonds then on top are the many medium diamonds, then to the side are the Leymone the pile of squares and then some of the leymone's still going through the machine

Below is a little auditioning but I think I will see if I can borrow Cock-a Doodle's design board when I want to put the whole thing together.. they have a huge design board!

here are the 4 medium stars, I have the 1/2 stars done too.. but didn't put them all up.. just thought you would like to know all this fabric is from my stash...All of it...I love now that I can creak open my cupboards and see all this glorious fabric to play with!! I love to play in my stash...time to cut into yours...

Below is my great winnings from Dorothy Baker.. look at all the wonderful goodies!! How very generous.. I have already broke open the "blue marker" to mark a design that I am putting together for a mug hug. My friend "Gimpy Cat" on line but her real name is Helen.. designed the precious hugs for me cause I was having such a mental block on what to make.
I got those wonder fat quarters from Dorothy and 4 different size embroiderie needles with the embroiderie hoop.. awesome!!
I also noticed that the kitties are on the design wall and the Single Irish Chain mini I was making.. this is called "Brown Eyed Susan".
It is always weird looking at your sewing room from the other side...LOL

See the light table underneath my Dad made that for me isn't he awesome.. he made a hole on the side big enough for me to slip my Ott light underneath. It is big enough for my love letter blocks!!

Last I thought I would post a little fall color this is a bit of my Alice Oak Leaf Hydrangea..I just love how this changes it's color every year...
Well I hope to have the big picture all done by the end of next week.. meaning my Reaching for the stars quilt... I know that Minick and Simpson would love to see it too.. they pieced this thing by hand!! and used 3 cans of starch.. I will go through what I did at the end when it is complete.. it is piecing all these big pieces together that will be the challenge..
Well it is Monday start of the work week...don't worry the week will fly by and it will be the weekend again..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Y" seam break!! please

Took a little break you will see why at the end..but wanted to tell you about a blog that is doing really cool blocks paper piecing of different shoes and her patterns are great. Christine's blog is great to read go take a

Do you remember the cat blocks well I have the top all pieced together the boarder fabric is kitty prints and then the corner stones are different kitties in different a different poise!

The wind is blowing outside so I couldn't hang it on the line so it is on DH bed.. mine is full of cat hair..his ends up being the "display bed" I love how they turned out.

Now look at this crazy boarder.. when I had my applique session I saw this fabric they were cutting up for kits at Cock a doodle quilts I asked if they used it all they said yes...then I got an email a couple of days later and they had enough for me to make this boarder.. some fussy cutting and it looks like I have 2 boarders on there.. and see all the different kitties on this too.. it was just to adorable to pass up!! wait till you see the backing.. more kitties!! it is the cats meow this quilt.

I am now onto the "Reaching for the Stars" quilt from Minick and Simpson that I had been working on long ago and put away.. now I remember why.. I need'd a "Y" seam break.. this quilt is full of "Y" seams so it is not for the impatient quilter. I am just finishing putting the triangles on the lemoyne stars taking a breath and then cutting the squares to put on. I am hoping to get alot of this done this weekend

The quilt is going to be a king and you can see this is only one of the corner stones of the quilt. I know this will be my favorite the Broken star or whatever you would like to call it this blocks has so many names is a favorite pattern of mine...

I will have to take a little time to learn the writer program it is very frustrating when you can only load 4 pictures at a time.. I have alot to show you still!!
back to the "Y" seams will post probably more later..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to Canada-welcom neighbours

I am very far behind but when you applique it just seems to take up alot of time!!
photos below are from my night that I am in an applique group at Cock-a-Doodle Quilt store in Toronto. I am sorry I can't remember everyones name but sure do love the diversity of everyones work!! below this lady designed her own applique from this pic amazing isn't it!!

another lady is doing the Rosemary Makham pattern Woodland Creatures this girl is just a beginner appliquer and I think this is just the right challenge for her

Nancy one of the instructors at the Doodle had a Kim Diehl class and this is what they made love it!! Nancy teaches beginner applique classes at the Doodle

Virginia another applique enthusiast is appliquing the borders on this wonderful Dorothy Baker quilt..isn't it just darling...Dorothy makes gorgeous patterns and you can visit her on her blog she is currently making monthly patterns (free) for Sweet will see her link on my side bar.
Speaking of Dorothy I won her free giveaway and she mailed it on Friday I got it on Monday!! amazing!! It was a huge package of eveything you needed to get started on an embroidery project perfect for her Sweet Nostalgia. Thank You Dorothy!!

This lady came in and was not in the mood to do any applique but when she pulled out these wonderful Irisis.. I think she felt the thrill in the room and this gave her great incentive to work on them by the end of the night she couldn't wait for the next session.. which by the way I have already signed up for...

Well I give thanks for being able to enjoy all your wonderful blogs everyday and to be able to share what is going on in our neck of the woods.. the weather is just perfect now with wonderful rain that gives out great fall colors..soon I will have all the gardens to bed for next spring and then I can totally work on quilting...oh the concept is just so exciting.
Happy Thanksgiving to those that are sharing..