Tuesday, October 27, 2009

finders keepers...

losers weepers.. do you remember that saying? Well many moooons ago I found this wonderful table on the side of the road in the pouring down rain I mean it was pouring!!..this was before I was to go for a quilting class.. thank goodness I have the sence to drive a Dodge Caravan.. if fit in there like a charm. I love this table and am so glad that someones junk became my treasure. I find wonderful things that people just put at the road side believe me!!

The reason I am mentioning this is my wonderful mini that I rec'd last week from Kari Ramsay it is just perfect for this table!! as you can see. I love it she made it out of a line called "Elleny" which was designed by Barbara Jones (a friend of hers) for Marcus brothers fabrics. It is just perfect with Indian summer colors which are my colors anyways.. I think it is just perfect!!

Here is a better picture of her wonderful mini and the petals she added to the center she even covered her own button!!

... but that is not all folks I got 3 not just 1 but 3 of her patterns as well!! and they are perfect for what I need them for...I have a scrap barrell that said hey I can see me in those patterns very easily...now that won't be till the new year but they are on my short list. Take a look at her site you may see something you like

I have been working on my AMG if you go to Megan's blog you can see a deliciously chocolate background for Aunt Millies Garden.. she did wonderful work on her applique and fabric choices.

I am still working on my Love Letter Blocks as well for applique night a the Doodle JoAnne was nice to take a pic of what we did on Friday and also the show and share go take a look at her blog you will see a better pic of my kitty quilt there... I have other pics but only had time for this little bit for now.. it seems I can never keep up with my life!! will post soon... thanks so much for visiting...
I know with the season approaching and the quilters list of "make me this and that" getting longer it is hard to divide our time...


  1. You lucky dog..... finding a table like that on the side of the road and then having that beautiful quilted top for it. Darn. I'm pea green with envy... Gee, I believe I have a table very similiar to that one upstairs that belonged to my aunt... hmmmmmm.

  2. WOW! & those TURNED legs!!!! What a find! I am 'green' ... chuckle! It is gorgeous. LUCKY YOU!

    Have a lovely warm week. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. You sure lucked out with that table find .... gorgeous and a perfect topper to go with it! Lucky you all around!

  4. dang that table was a good find! Its very much like alot of things I find around my appartment that people throw out. I have a cutting table/quilting stash cubpboard, two cupboards, a rug, a traveling trunk, a betty boop bobble head, a box that looks like an oldschool hinged book, and two jewellery boxes, and 2 sewing machines(which i still have to test if they work, but one doesnt have a foot pedal), a fully assembled computer desk that only had 1 busted wheel, and an area rug

  5. Love the table and the mini!!

  6. I just love barley twist and your little table is a delight. The wood is just so rich. Love the little topper. It is so perfect.
    Have fun with those patterns

  7. Fabulous table, what a great find!! The topper is perfect for it, it must have known and wandered out in the rain so you would take it home!
    How are you going with the Civil War Bride? Threadbear is my other LQS, and I have FONDLED this quilt!!! It is stunning in real life too.
    Jas in Oz

  8. I love the table and the mini quilt is perfect for it.

    Enjoy your new patterns!

  9. Very nice table and what a great treasure. I love the legs on it and how very nice that the quilt fits perfect.

  10. Love the table and the table topper! What a great find!!

    Question...how do you sew on a yo-yo to a quilt. Do you go along the outside or the Inside ring? I'm making a yo-yo quilt and ready to sew them on the blocks and realized I don't have a clue.
    Thank you for any help you can give me. Joyce.


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