Tuesday, January 15, 2013


another one prepped (I keep saying I am not a thimbleberries fan, but then I pull out a fabric and read the bottom and it says thimbleberries! how does that happen...the brown background)
and another block prepped. I have them pinned to the design board next picture I post will show ya.
Hope`n to get the applique prepped then it will just be grab and go…I still have to do the piec`n too…
Guild meeting tonight with Kindred Hearts how to keep your sewing machine in top shape, perfect for me cause I am `bout due for  maintenance.

time to shower and get some sleep beef barley soup on the stove...i think I mentioned i love barley

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Birds of a Feather started

Well I did a bit of prep and pretty happy so far
Don`t forget there is some piecing that will pull all these together
got on a roll and
got all the way to block 3 prepped and ready
tomorrow after work and then the gym (yes I said gym) I will prep my Sally Post and my next Love Letters. I have the pieces cut just have to pick the fabric…Don`t even think I am going to post of my quilt room right now
Fabric is just piled everywhere but there was still room to have my friend Mary over she is crocheting a lacy scarf with some wonderful wool and she has family visiting. We are flying to Rosemarie`s house at the end of Feb for a couple of days.
It will be great for both of us to get away to our friends retreat, up north in the hopefully by then deep snow.  I will have lots of applique to bring while I am up there.

Right to the point

The winner is number 9- Peg who coincidently is part of the winter white exchange I am in!!

Thanks to the lovely comments and some of the great tips that were posted glad I can pass this win to share with someone else. now I am going to go applique some before the day starts.

This is the quilt that won the 2nd place vote I think there was some confusion on the one I posted earlier

I found these leaves i am going to set them as this
and then add these leaves on point as sashing so I will have to add some triangles so that the little ones are on point I hope there are enough. Plus I have to put the siggy blocks in some how, any suggestions. Funny the song that is on right now is `Making it work`good one radio

So Peg I will email you with the certificate this weekend...thanks again for all the followers, devoted commentors and people that just stop by to look

Friday, January 11, 2013

Don`t forget

I went shopping The Quilt Store in Newmarket had all their fabric, baticks, fleece and cotton fabric 50 percent off. Tomorrow is the last day. The 2 fabrics above are going to be in 2 quilts that I am working on. The blue one will be for the swap blocks that I had joined you can see the icon on the side Winter White.
The second fabric is going to be my opposite fabric for my sally post quilt…Gosh I just love it!!
Then I bought a bunch of 1meter cuts. That is it for most of the year my Christmas gift from my honey…he gave me money and I spent it wisely…
I also started my Birds of a Feather block that I am working on with a Yahoo Group called
 Applique Your Way all pinned and ready to applique my first block. We are alternating BOAF and Vintage Valentine each month. There are many other BOM`s that people are appliquing if you need a boast or want to finish what you have started.
I also got my fabric from my winnings from This n That fabrics I am not a purple person but I really like that one with the stars in it, I picked them and needed to get some new variety in my stash. I want to use some of that gold one at the end for my Sally Post blocks.
The Sally Post blocks is what I will be prepping this weekend and working on too this pattern is currently being posted again (with a twist so that they can coincide with Barbara Brackmans BOM Sentimental Stiches is posting them on the straight) . The Yahoo Group I belong to called
Prim Folk Art Quilts are making these blocks in their own special way. Some are machine applique some are needleturning some will be backbasting....each have their own technique and it is fun to learn from the members.
Remember you have till midnight tonight to post on the last post to win the 6month membership for The Quilt Show. I hope you get lucky, they have a wonderful BOM this year.
Well time to catch a nap just finished nights and doing some running around. hope there is a good movie on.
Oh shoot!! forgot I got a great Tshirt from my friend Mary (no blog) I will post that you will get a kick out of it, and I also got some great books I will post next time. Put it this way I think I have all of Black Bird Designs quilting books. Love their patterns I can`t wait to have one of their quilts hanging on everyone of my walls....and hopefully some Sally post blocks...
Until tomorrow for the draw…