Friday, February 22, 2013


On a little adventure
First I had a workshop last Saturday making a weekender bag I got this much done in the class and have not been able to finish it so I will be taking the suitcase.
The class was with 2 lovely ladies from Harebrained Happenings they have wonderful patterns but I have wanted to make this bag for a couple of years. I used only the scraps that I had some fabrics from my strip quilt that my dad has and strips left over from the Giant star quilt. I will make another one of these bags of course, but with a thinner batting I picked one that was a tad too thick, lesson learned.
I was also leafing through some old Quilters Newsletter mags  and found the layout for my baskets that I had received on a swap that I was in a couple of years ago. I have some great alternate fabric to go inbetween the 4 pieced blocks and boarders. This will probably be one project I will bring on one of my other retreats I am going to in the next 2 months.
i am procrastinating right now I want to clean up a bit and think what to pack as you can see my huge Ironing surface is suffering from no space, projects, project ideas, marking items, oops in the corner on the left is my Easy street, can someone please just find me more time!!!
That little filing cabinet is jammed, I mean jammed with patterns I want to get done!
So what to pack, projects or clothes, well as long as I have my toothbrush and warm pj`s I should be okay…I am going to bring my BOAF blocks and Basket blocks, and my Love Letters maybe I can get those all prepped.
I`m leaving on a jet plane, don`t know when I`ll be back again…another song to sing all day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the Air


If you know my DH you would be just as surprised, he has only bought me flowers once in the 15 years we have been together, I come home to see these gorgeous Roses.

Love is in the air….everywhere I look around…(appologies to those that won`t be able to get this song out of their head for the rest of the day)


They are just starting to show their centers and I was fortunate that I found the vase (3 sided) they were in at a yard sale a couple of years ago, I usually have my dried hydrangeas in it but they got tossed in a flash.


I have been working on my BOAF block that is 2/3 done and also my baskets as you can see below I have them all appliqued on there is about 25 of them our of 2oo and some odd, and now I am doing the little square in the middle.


I will have to dig in my scrap barrels and get some more baskets cut and ready for travelling.

Next week I will going to Rose Marie`s house with Mary we are flying to North Bay, it is just so exciting! we are counting the moments!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It`s not that I haven`t been quilting

this was the start of our winters day yesturday
This is my first Sally post block love my fabrics, that orange is a Jinny Beyers 1999 that I found in my stash. love it I got to work on this at Irene`s sew day on Tuesday with my friend Mary. Lots of fun and a great lunch.
Birds of a Feather is moving along am working on the first block but halfway done got my doves done though
finishing a UFO hand quilting it, can`t see? here is the back I am doing the borders free hand design since you can`t see the quilting anyways  on the front I don`t want it to be perfect. colors are not just in this photo will try later on once I get the binding on. it is dark in the basement at 500am
Also trying to finish this one below with some hand quilting

Working on the next Love Letters above
Some snow pictures, we got alot more than this by then though I was in the house after all the shovelling
i loved how the snow piled up in our rain gage…almost like a snow cone you get at the midway
Stay safe to you all