Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the Air


If you know my DH you would be just as surprised, he has only bought me flowers once in the 15 years we have been together, I come home to see these gorgeous Roses.

Love is in the air….everywhere I look around…(appologies to those that won`t be able to get this song out of their head for the rest of the day)


They are just starting to show their centers and I was fortunate that I found the vase (3 sided) they were in at a yard sale a couple of years ago, I usually have my dried hydrangeas in it but they got tossed in a flash.


I have been working on my BOAF block that is 2/3 done and also my baskets as you can see below I have them all appliqued on there is about 25 of them our of 2oo and some odd, and now I am doing the little square in the middle.


I will have to dig in my scrap barrels and get some more baskets cut and ready for travelling.

Next week I will going to Rose Marie`s house with Mary we are flying to North Bay, it is just so exciting! we are counting the moments!


  1. Oh your lucky girl - the roses are beutiful and very nice to get - Red Roses - nice :o))
    Love your work too!

    1. Beautiful roses!! I can see you tossing out those dried up hydrangeas quickly to give those roses a classy vase! :o)

      Will you be bringing those baskets to work on here?

      In one week you will be here ..... yeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. What lovely roses, and I love your little baskets! Enjoy your time in North Bay, we certainly did......we had the best time.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! I've said it before, but gosh, I really love those baskets! So cute. But maybe you are tiring of them?

  4. You are getting a nice collection of baskets. Enjoy your trip!

  5. BOAF is looking good! I love your baskets too, another one for my someday list!

  6. Lovely roses.
    Nice basket collection.
    Your BOAF block looks stunning!
    Enjoy your trip.

  7. Beautiful flowers and such a nice surprise! I see your quilt block and the baskets there - lovely. I hadn't thought of doing the basket squares at once. I like that idea!

  8. Deb, your DH sounds like mine, but he is a keeper. Love all of your projects and fabric choices.

  9. Lovely roses. I got some on Jan 28 for our 47th anniversary. My DH talked those flowers into lasting right up to, but not including Valentines Day.....giggle. They were starting to get a little stinky, but I loved them anyway.

  10. wonderful surprise from the DH... love the baskets .... have a great time on your retreat... I am having one at my lake place this weekend.. six of us gals... should be great all a way round.


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