Saturday, February 9, 2013

It`s not that I haven`t been quilting

this was the start of our winters day yesturday
This is my first Sally post block love my fabrics, that orange is a Jinny Beyers 1999 that I found in my stash. love it I got to work on this at Irene`s sew day on Tuesday with my friend Mary. Lots of fun and a great lunch.
Birds of a Feather is moving along am working on the first block but halfway done got my doves done though
finishing a UFO hand quilting it, can`t see? here is the back I am doing the borders free hand design since you can`t see the quilting anyways  on the front I don`t want it to be perfect. colors are not just in this photo will try later on once I get the binding on. it is dark in the basement at 500am
Also trying to finish this one below with some hand quilting

Working on the next Love Letters above
Some snow pictures, we got alot more than this by then though I was in the house after all the shovelling
i loved how the snow piled up in our rain gage…almost like a snow cone you get at the midway
Stay safe to you all


  1. your snow pics, especially the rain gauge snow cone! Good weather to stay indoors and sew, as you have been doing.

  2. Was it fun at Irene's? I went to her open house, she has a nice set up there.

    Where is the Birds of a Feather design from? I'd love to see the whole thing. Yours is looking great!

    Thanks, and happy sewing!

  3. You have been busy and love all that you have been doing!! Stay warm!

  4. Wonderful things! You have been busy. Isn't the snow beautiful this morning?

  5. the fabric you are using for the birds is fabulous.
    the rain gauge does look like a snow cone.

  6. Love the new look of your blog... you sure are working some interesting quilts...


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