Saturday, June 20, 2009


well I am at the end of the nine patches...I had made 30 to go and lost them in my meager stash of a sewing room so had to make new ones and send them...well some time later I found them so was able to mix them with the ones I have rec'd from others.. here is another almost finished project..I am still adding some boarders..

this quilt is to commemorate my Grandmother..she passed in Feb and she was my last living grandparent..2 weeks shy of her 97th birthday (I do hope I have the same genes as her)

as I started the quilt I got goosebumps and thought this was perfect.. so introducing Ruby. This was my grandmothers name.. I hope you can see the fabrics click on the pic and you will get a closer look (oh btw..don't mind the mess creator at work ya know)

thanks for visiting...I am going to Brockville quilt show today with a lady friend that I meet on line through a canadianquilters group on Yahoo...she doesn't live that far sounds like we will be listening to Cathy Smith (the signing quilter) she has some great quilt songs/lyrics
Thanks for your visit and I hope you have a wonderful quilty weekend...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cyber treats

I have a few to show you!! first my mini that I got from Quilting Bloggers you can see the link on the sidebar... this is from Regena and I love it.. you can see it already has a special place on my wall..the thread case was hand made by a friend of my parents that passed away Mom & Dad bought it for me when I first started quilting as a wonderful Christmas gift this really is the best gift in the whole world and then between my fantastic mini quilt and the thread holder you will see another thread holder and that was made by a very good girl friend.. she personalized it by painting my Britnee girl on it and a put a tie around the neck of her.
Looking at this picture there are alot of little memory items and I am so happy to add this great mini quilt (one suggestion though) I don't have a label of the maker on the quilt when I make things for others I put a label on.. I have many labelless mini's and it is hard to remember where I got them all...I am going to make a pocket and apply it to the back and put her little note/card she sent with it in the pocket.

The jam was in this wonderfulr basket that Regena also made and sent.. I am sorry but I cannot produce that hazelnet chocolate bar.. it has evaporated into my mouth before it was taken by someone was devine.. thanks so much Regena.. the swap was great fun!! I have my hair holders in it at my computer desk when I unwind I also "unwind" my hair and leave it a mess.. that is when I am most relaxed..LOL

I also got my quilt top together!! the blocks were from the swap I did on Fon's and Porter Quilters talk the theme was fall and we were to make the blocks 10 1/2 in" unfinished. The nine patches were from the same group of girls (some new ones) but we all belonged to another group Quilters Last Resort after Fon's and Porter's Forum folded. They are a great active group with many ladies that you can laugh, and joke and talk about quilting.

These blocks did not need any fudging for either of the swaps they went together like everyone had been using the same machine, everyone was concious of their measurements and their 1/4" and they all used a wonderful quilters quality cotton... the blocks and the layout I think turned out excellent.. I was kinda missing MerryBee's quilt and now I have my own done.. I already have a great way I am going to use the rest of my nine the fabric and all!!
I was up at 3am this morning couldn't sleep and had to get it done.. LOL

thanks for your wonderful comments they are so greatly appreciated get back to sewing so that I can see what you have done!! LOL

Sunday, June 14, 2009

looking at past photos...

brings you into a new adventure with old friends. I had done alot of block swaps and round robins in the last 2-3 years since starting on line...(never realized just how many). I decided I had to put a few of them together and then I will quilt the tops when the cool wind starts...

This is the first one I was in when Fons and Porter had their Quilters Talk Forum there were 28 swappers which was a good sign up!! the theme was fall...earlier this year I also had done a swap of nine patches through a group that still exists that I have on my side bar....Quilters Last Resort. The nine patches are a wonderful memory of support that I needed at the time there were 30 swappers...I am starting to piece this quilt together with the 2 swap blocks...It is coming along pretting good.. I have nine patches as the corner stones for the sashing and I have the perfect boarder to go in all the fabric I am using is just from my stash...I will be done the top by the end of the week to post (not quilted mind you..I am not a super quilter!!)

The next one is a quilt a long I had done with the same group we were lucky to have a chance to find each other after the site went down to finish our quiltalong..I had never heard of this term before cyberworld was introduced to me. We picked blocks from a site Quilterscache and that would be a block we all worked and shared techniques on..

this other one below was done through a Yahoo group that closed as well and they we all went to Quilters Last Resort..This one is my favorite..I have finally found a layout that I can use for these wonderful blocks...I am hoping by the end of the summer I will have a few swaps done.
I will warn you this is not all of them but these are the ones that I am going to get together this is my goal for the summer plus the other BOM I am doing with Stitch in Heaven
I hope you have a chance to do a block swap on line. as you can see quilters are concious of their workmanship and try to make the blocks to size. The swap I am working on is going together like butter cause all the blocks are to size the nine patches and the blocks
I have just finished another set of 12 blocks for a canadian yahoo group that are cats but I am not allowed to show them till after Sept...some of the members view my I can't cheat.
next blog I will post the pics of my wonderful mini quilt I got and who it was from I have to download the pics...
Till later...thanks for visiting.. love your comments love your blogs..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ranettee's giveaway-mini's for auction

Some honey buns are being given away go take a look and why cause she is going on vacation
Ranette's blog is here . good luck to you all.. she has a great home page fabric I would love to have ...some of these home pages are so gorgeous I love the effort they put into them.. mine is very plain.. but maybe one day I will dress it up.. right now.. I like just being plain..

My friend Shirley is also having an auction on her mini fibre art quilts.. you will have to visit her blog Here 50% of her monies will go to Wellspring not sure if you have them in the states..but they are all over Canada and are support for Cancer Victims....please visit her blog she has many photos of mini quilts and her art is truly amazing!!

have a great night sleeping..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

what to do with a mini?

everyone wonders what to do with a mini.. well one thing is you can pin all your blocks with the pins you accummulate as you go to quilt shows...the quilt pins I get from these wonderful guilds are gorgeous I hope you can see them when I post the pic click on the picture and it will enlarge so that you can see better.

the cat pin in the middle is what my mother gave me when I was only 18 years old one of the only things I didn't lose. You can see Shrine pins there from my dad and also an angel pin that my mother gave me that is supposed to go in my van to watch over me when I drive.. but I think I am more dangerous with a rotary cutter.. this is in my sewing room.

This mini I won at one of the silent auctions at one of the quilt shows a couple of years ago it was plain and I thought it would be perfect dressed up as my pin saver
....and then we have can see my mini's that i have accummulated here.. this is not all of them but a majority.. some I have made, the heart applique and hand quilting the 4patch mini and the stack and whack mini with the same material pink and chocolate fabrics the rest through quilt shows and their silent auctions and our Yorkshire Rose Guild auction, and Rouge Valley Guild auctions which brings me......(drum roll please)

We raised over $3000.oo for our mini auction this year... I think that is super for the 90 quilts we received and only 1/2 the guild we used to be (now only 75 members) that is a good chunk of change!! I am very proud of our guild everyone was very helpful and when hands were needed I only had to ask once and they were there!! I have to give a big "THANK YOU" to our guild!!

The yellow and green quilt I bought at a yard sale for 2 dollars and the cats love it this is their quilt to lay on the day bed. I have washed it many many times with no loss of color great fabric. The dried Hydrangeas are what I got from my garden last year..hope i have a great harvest this year...thanks for visiting and your wonderful comments you are great!!

I also wanted to post my postcards that I got from my Crazy quilt swap. I have had these since March everyone was on time!! (not me and usually I am not late) but they perservered and I didn't get my name up in headlights for being late.
Aren't they beautiful!!

I have started a critters and things blog you can go to my profile and see it there.. just wanted to keep this one quilt related and the other "life stuff" in the will notice there will not be as much posted on the other one.. why?? my life revolves around quilting!! LOL

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Silly Me!!

How dare I post a dessert and not put in the instructions.. got a few emails so here it goes...LOL

Rhubarb Delight


2 cups flour

1 cup margarine

2 tsp. sugar

1/4 tsp. salt

Mix and press into 9x13in pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes


1 cup evaporated milk

1/4 tsp. salt

4 tbsp. flout

2 cups white sugar

6 egg yolks, beaten

6 cups rhubarb

Mix custard ingredients well and pour over cookie base add the rhubarb evenly on top. bake 1 hour at 350F


6 egg whites, stiffly beaten

6 tsp.sugar

2 tsp. vanilla

Put meringue on top of baked rhubarb custard. Bake until golden brown 10-15 minutes.

My mother bought me this cook book in 1989 "The United Churches of Canada" Let's Break Bread Together. They have great receipe's that I have used for many pot lucks.

On another note you will see that I have posted some slideshows of the quilt shows I have gone to. I had not relized how many I have gone to till I sat and started putting these slides together. I still have a few more to add!!

Here is a pic of me and a quilt that I had at a show in Whitby. This is a Stack and Whack called White Bird why cause of the birds on the fabric. This church has you sign a book to donate you quilt to show at the next show. I will post the other pics a little latter in another slideshow.
I am not at my best I went right to the show after a night shift and had to wait till they opened!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Quilt show Treasure

I have to show you this...(as you can see Molly can't wait to see it either!!) there was a lady that had her table full of different packages and I can tell it was from her stash!! She had wonderful packages of kits that she knew she was never going to make. I searched in there and found a package (should say big) of fabric that was from a kit but no pattern and then I found a pattern that was a type of paperpieced wedding ring that I know the kit fabric will be perfect for... but what was best of all is that I also found another kit and it had an adorable little kitten on the frontShe wanted $100 for everything..which I thought was a great deal.. I had only $ she let me write an IOU and she will see me at our guild meetings starting in Sept..she wants to check out our guild.
Well I started the kit right away.. don't ask me why it is really a kid quilt and I don't make kid quilts too often (rarely) but with my 2 new (used) chairs I wanted a cuddle quilt I have one that is my fav but wanted a bright one... after this shot I added prairie points all the way around with whatever fabric was left.
I changed the pattern a bit as well there was enough fabric to do it. It had the backing fabric, binding and all that fabric for the front..I think it turned out well!! now to quilt it up...

I also sent Merrybee's quilt in the mail with this label I found it a while ago on this site you can always find something for all occasions on this ladies site and she has lots of BOM's (free) happening right now!! I also got my mini swap quilt in the mail and Mary on the lake's mini.. so there was label making all week too... I would rather bind quilts than make labels don't ask me why!!

Then of course there is the rhubarb patch and I dove into that actually I called DH at home while I was working and talked him into pulling some rhubarb for me.. I had to train him how to do it over the phone...yes it is as good as it looks!! trust me.. a cookie crust and custard to mix with the rhubarb and then the mirange...yum!! next time I want to do strawberry rhubarb...yes I do cook too ya know.. just don't want to many to know about it then they want you to do it all the time...

I am still trying to get my shows organized it will be coming soon bear with me..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catching up to do

I have some catching up to do there are a couple of months of photo's that I have to post with different events...but I have to organize the photos!! I have taken over 500 pictures in the last 2months!! of what you ask?? well what else but quilts. I have been to many quilt shows inbetween all else that is going on.
I have to post this picture first. My parents came a couple of weeks ago and in this visit they brought me their lazy boy chair cause Mom got a new one and I really liked hers.
If you ever have a cat that is shy and not a lap kitty get a lazy-boy. Molly "the stinker" has finally layed on my lap she loves when I get on this chair...but I have something better a pic of my mother in "her" chair. Mom is modelling a quilt that she was able to give to me from my Aunt who inherited from my Grandmother. It was made by my Great Grandmother with all the dresses of her 4 daughters and granddaughters. A beautiful Dresden plate! I am sure alot of you will enjoy this photo...I love this picture of my mom is she not the happiest?!! Nosey is with her right now SHE is a lap kitty!!

I also had some postcards to get done that were long overdue and thought I would post them. It was for a crazy patch swap I received beautiful cards and in return I had to send as many. Postcards are a great way to work with your machine stitch'n and using scraps.

Well this is the start of many quilts to post I have to make a couple of slideshows cause there are so many wonderful quilts. The year is perfect with the blossoms in the trees and everything green it makes the landscape wonderful to look at as you drive to the shows.

Don't forget to support your local guilds by going to their shows. The ladies work hard to present what they have accomplished and give us some wonderful ideas for our projects...on line is great but real live quilts is even better.