Wednesday, June 10, 2009

what to do with a mini?

everyone wonders what to do with a mini.. well one thing is you can pin all your blocks with the pins you accummulate as you go to quilt shows...the quilt pins I get from these wonderful guilds are gorgeous I hope you can see them when I post the pic click on the picture and it will enlarge so that you can see better.

the cat pin in the middle is what my mother gave me when I was only 18 years old one of the only things I didn't lose. You can see Shrine pins there from my dad and also an angel pin that my mother gave me that is supposed to go in my van to watch over me when I drive.. but I think I am more dangerous with a rotary cutter.. this is in my sewing room.

This mini I won at one of the silent auctions at one of the quilt shows a couple of years ago it was plain and I thought it would be perfect dressed up as my pin saver
....and then we have can see my mini's that i have accummulated here.. this is not all of them but a majority.. some I have made, the heart applique and hand quilting the 4patch mini and the stack and whack mini with the same material pink and chocolate fabrics the rest through quilt shows and their silent auctions and our Yorkshire Rose Guild auction, and Rouge Valley Guild auctions which brings me......(drum roll please)

We raised over $3000.oo for our mini auction this year... I think that is super for the 90 quilts we received and only 1/2 the guild we used to be (now only 75 members) that is a good chunk of change!! I am very proud of our guild everyone was very helpful and when hands were needed I only had to ask once and they were there!! I have to give a big "THANK YOU" to our guild!!

The yellow and green quilt I bought at a yard sale for 2 dollars and the cats love it this is their quilt to lay on the day bed. I have washed it many many times with no loss of color great fabric. The dried Hydrangeas are what I got from my garden last year..hope i have a great harvest this year...thanks for visiting and your wonderful comments you are great!!

I also wanted to post my postcards that I got from my Crazy quilt swap. I have had these since March everyone was on time!! (not me and usually I am not late) but they perservered and I didn't get my name up in headlights for being late.
Aren't they beautiful!!

I have started a critters and things blog you can go to my profile and see it there.. just wanted to keep this one quilt related and the other "life stuff" in the will notice there will not be as much posted on the other one.. why?? my life revolves around quilting!! LOL


  1. Fabulous you raised that much money. Love the quilt pics. They are really nice. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Congrats on such a successful auction!

    Your collection of minis is stunning. It's so clever to use one for a "Memory Quilt".

    Nice stuff!!


  3. Your minis are gorgeous. And how on earth do you get your cats to only lie on "their" quilt? Mine lie down anywhere they like. LOL

  4. Great collection of minis and I love your Dresden plate quilt ... lucky you!

  5. So glad that you raised some money and the quilts are lovely!

  6. Love those postcards especially the one with the spider web.
    Great display of all your mini quilts too.

  7. I have always wondered what to do with all those pins that I have collected over the years. Now I know! Thanks! Glad your mini auction went so well! Love your mini quilts and your new blog too!

  8. Love all your minis and what a great idea for your pins. My daughter has a pin collection too...thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Great that you were able to raise such a nice amount of money. Love your minis.

  10. wow thats a lot of money to raise .
    Love your minis on the wall
    my goal one day is to have LOTS hanging too!
    I enjoy making them and hand quilting them as well
    thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know you enjoy them as well!


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