Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cyber treats

I have a few to show you!! first my mini that I got from Quilting Bloggers you can see the link on the sidebar... this is from Regena and I love it.. you can see it already has a special place on my wall..the thread case was hand made by a friend of my parents that passed away Mom & Dad bought it for me when I first started quilting as a wonderful Christmas gift this really is the best gift in the whole world and then between my fantastic mini quilt and the thread holder you will see another thread holder and that was made by a very good girl friend.. she personalized it by painting my Britnee girl on it and a put a tie around the neck of her.
Looking at this picture there are alot of little memory items and I am so happy to add this great mini quilt (one suggestion though) I don't have a label of the maker on the quilt when I make things for others I put a label on.. I have many labelless mini's and it is hard to remember where I got them all...I am going to make a pocket and apply it to the back and put her little note/card she sent with it in the pocket.

The jam was in this wonderfulr basket that Regena also made and sent.. I am sorry but I cannot produce that hazelnet chocolate bar.. it has evaporated into my mouth before it was taken by someone was devine.. thanks so much Regena.. the swap was great fun!! I have my hair holders in it at my computer desk when I unwind I also "unwind" my hair and leave it a mess.. that is when I am most relaxed..LOL

I also got my quilt top together!! the blocks were from the swap I did on Fon's and Porter Quilters talk the theme was fall and we were to make the blocks 10 1/2 in" unfinished. The nine patches were from the same group of girls (some new ones) but we all belonged to another group Quilters Last Resort after Fon's and Porter's Forum folded. They are a great active group with many ladies that you can laugh, and joke and talk about quilting.

These blocks did not need any fudging for either of the swaps they went together like everyone had been using the same machine, everyone was concious of their measurements and their 1/4" and they all used a wonderful quilters quality cotton... the blocks and the layout I think turned out excellent.. I was kinda missing MerryBee's quilt and now I have my own done.. I already have a great way I am going to use the rest of my nine the fabric and all!!
I was up at 3am this morning couldn't sleep and had to get it done.. LOL

thanks for your wonderful comments they are so greatly appreciated get back to sewing so that I can see what you have done!! LOL


  1. The quilt looks lovely, and I'm *so* envious of your thread rack!

    Are you looking forward to Saturday? ;-)

  2. Feedsack FantasyJun 17, 2009, 9:12:00 PM

    OMG!! Exquisite!! Awesome!! TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Drop dead gorgeous, Deb. I love the thread holder, too.

  4. Deb its just right, great colours, great layout and prefect border - well done! so glad you have your own quilt now, you deserve it

  5. Love the thread display! That whole wall area is a treat to view.
    Your quilt looks mighty good, too.

  6. Your mini quilt is lovely. What great thread storage too. As for the Quilters Last Resort quilt - gorgeous.

  7. Your quilt is lovely! Your work is gorgeous!

  8. This is lovely! I love the setting with the "hidden" triple sashing and the 9 patch blocks! And the border/sash fabric is beautiful!

  9. That quilt is stunning. I too love the thread holder.

  10. Great quilt and the sashing and border fabric are so different to what we would normally use, but really brings all the blocks together.

  11. This quilt is so beautiful. I love the use of the strips and 9 patches between the blocks.

  12. Awesome sampler! Good for you! 8-)


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