Sunday, June 14, 2009

looking at past photos...

brings you into a new adventure with old friends. I had done alot of block swaps and round robins in the last 2-3 years since starting on line...(never realized just how many). I decided I had to put a few of them together and then I will quilt the tops when the cool wind starts...

This is the first one I was in when Fons and Porter had their Quilters Talk Forum there were 28 swappers which was a good sign up!! the theme was fall...earlier this year I also had done a swap of nine patches through a group that still exists that I have on my side bar....Quilters Last Resort. The nine patches are a wonderful memory of support that I needed at the time there were 30 swappers...I am starting to piece this quilt together with the 2 swap blocks...It is coming along pretting good.. I have nine patches as the corner stones for the sashing and I have the perfect boarder to go in all the fabric I am using is just from my stash...I will be done the top by the end of the week to post (not quilted mind you..I am not a super quilter!!)

The next one is a quilt a long I had done with the same group we were lucky to have a chance to find each other after the site went down to finish our quiltalong..I had never heard of this term before cyberworld was introduced to me. We picked blocks from a site Quilterscache and that would be a block we all worked and shared techniques on..

this other one below was done through a Yahoo group that closed as well and they we all went to Quilters Last Resort..This one is my favorite..I have finally found a layout that I can use for these wonderful blocks...I am hoping by the end of the summer I will have a few swaps done.
I will warn you this is not all of them but these are the ones that I am going to get together this is my goal for the summer plus the other BOM I am doing with Stitch in Heaven
I hope you have a chance to do a block swap on line. as you can see quilters are concious of their workmanship and try to make the blocks to size. The swap I am working on is going together like butter cause all the blocks are to size the nine patches and the blocks
I have just finished another set of 12 blocks for a canadian yahoo group that are cats but I am not allowed to show them till after Sept...some of the members view my I can't cheat.
next blog I will post the pics of my wonderful mini quilt I got and who it was from I have to download the pics...
Till later...thanks for visiting.. love your comments love your blogs..


  1. Aren't swaps the greatest, Deb? Just from what you've shown us, look at the memories you have now and for evermore.

    Thanks for sharing. They certainly are an inspiration.

  2. Wow, Deb you've participated in some wonderful swaps. So many terrific blocks - beautiful finishes!

  3. The house blocks are the best! I just plain love house quilts.

  4. WOW! What great swaps you have joined. I am in my first one and it is really fun.

  5. What an amazing assortment of blocks! They look like a lot of work - AND a lot of fun.

    It's almost like having an "instant" quilt, when all of the work on the blocks is already done!

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing the eye candy. :-)


  6. Oh Deb love to see the blocks again brings so many sweet memories. I cant wait to see what you do with the school houses, I still cant decide on mine. Thank you again for helping finish my blocks after I took ill, my blocks are so much more special to me that we did them together

  7. Your swap blocks are really going together very the all the fall fabrics but I have to say the Red Schoolhouse quilt is my favorite!

    Our computer woes are hopefully behind us! and I'm back visiting blogs!

    I've just posted my
    100th post and I'm having a mini-quilt/pillow giveaway. (there's another idea for what to do with a mini quilt :) add an extra pillow back!)

  8. Well, that will be a nice way to spend the summer. Surrounded by all those wonderful blocks. :)

  9. Aren't swaps fun? The blocks are lovely! I love the schoolhouse quilt. Looking forward to seeing the cat blocks.

  10. All of your swap blocks are wonderful, but the schoolhouse blocks are my very favorite.

  11. Those red houses are just delicious *s*

  12. I have done one block swap since I have started blogging. You have done dome really neat swaps.

  13. Hey Deb...what is the BOM you are doing with us? LOVE your One Block Wonder quilts!

    Deb Luttrell
    Stitchin' Heaven


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