Monday, June 8, 2009

Quilt show Treasure

I have to show you this...(as you can see Molly can't wait to see it either!!) there was a lady that had her table full of different packages and I can tell it was from her stash!! She had wonderful packages of kits that she knew she was never going to make. I searched in there and found a package (should say big) of fabric that was from a kit but no pattern and then I found a pattern that was a type of paperpieced wedding ring that I know the kit fabric will be perfect for... but what was best of all is that I also found another kit and it had an adorable little kitten on the frontShe wanted $100 for everything..which I thought was a great deal.. I had only $ she let me write an IOU and she will see me at our guild meetings starting in Sept..she wants to check out our guild.
Well I started the kit right away.. don't ask me why it is really a kid quilt and I don't make kid quilts too often (rarely) but with my 2 new (used) chairs I wanted a cuddle quilt I have one that is my fav but wanted a bright one... after this shot I added prairie points all the way around with whatever fabric was left.
I changed the pattern a bit as well there was enough fabric to do it. It had the backing fabric, binding and all that fabric for the front..I think it turned out well!! now to quilt it up...

I also sent Merrybee's quilt in the mail with this label I found it a while ago on this site you can always find something for all occasions on this ladies site and she has lots of BOM's (free) happening right now!! I also got my mini swap quilt in the mail and Mary on the lake's mini.. so there was label making all week too... I would rather bind quilts than make labels don't ask me why!!

Then of course there is the rhubarb patch and I dove into that actually I called DH at home while I was working and talked him into pulling some rhubarb for me.. I had to train him how to do it over the phone...yes it is as good as it looks!! trust me.. a cookie crust and custard to mix with the rhubarb and then the mirange...yum!! next time I want to do strawberry rhubarb...yes I do cook too ya know.. just don't want to many to know about it then they want you to do it all the time...

I am still trying to get my shows organized it will be coming soon bear with me..


  1. That quilt is quite a showpiece. Love it... and that pie, well, I wish I had some right this second. Looks so yummy.

  2. Feedsack FantasyJun 8, 2009, 7:45:00 PM

    What's the pie recipe? TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Wow! you have been busy! The quilt is terrific and the bee label, just right.

  4. What a great buy and what an even greater quilt.

  5. Delicious! I know how good this is because I have tasted it! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Oh my gosh...that desert looks absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Also wanted to mention that it is lovely to see your slide shows of the local quilt shows in our area...very nice!


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