Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finish one, working another, designing one more

The twister above is for a challenge that I am in we got the fabrics in the middle and I had to make something. That twister is so much fun! I don`t machine quilt but used my stylised stitches and quilted it that way. Found this done on another blog long ago and thought it was a great idea! Sorry I cannot remember which one.
Own up if it was you!! I have to say thanks!
Still hand quilting this but almost done there is 1/2in grid quilting here so it is taking time
Also got my blocks back from a repro swap that I was in I am going to have them like this and then put in an applique boarder in between the mini quilt and the signed blocks
Today out gardening and rearranging some things. I bought 2 more different Oakleaf Hydrangeas the one on the left is a Star and will grow about 8feet the other one slipped my mind but it will grow about 3ft, this was the raspberry area they are now all gone!
Bought day lilies and added them, some like shade some like sun and some will flower in June some in Sept, I am trying to plan it so there are flowers all through the season,  also split one of my hostas…yes all these are just from one of the plants.
more of the garden
I got 20 Rose of Sharon`s from a yahoo site called Freecycle Toronto and there are some on the back part of the fence behind the Oakleaf Hydrangeas but these are going along my driveway that are left I want a wall of flowers!
here is a view of the garden, we really trimmed up the Red Bud Tree…it really doesn`t look like much but really it was a lot of work.  we are tearing down the fence since we don`t have the pool anymore it will really open the yard up
now for the rain dance need a few good days of rain, I read one blog where they are in Norway and getting lots of rain….to bad we could not grab some of it…
Safe week for you all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

FQ`s are Fantastic! Use them

I had started this project many months ago and Rose Marie loved it and made her own. You can scroll her blog by clicking on her name. I had thought I had it done but when I took it out I had one side row of squares to do.
It is just random FQ`s selected and put together I got the pattern from Simple Graces Kim Diehl`s book her books are so FQ friendly, if you click on her name you will see all her books and the Simple Graces book has this quilt on the cover,
I had lost my bag in my studio somewhere of the fabrics that I had used so could not get the side boarder done…until tonight! I found it and pieced the 2 rows of blocks to make my Pie in the Sky. I had added another row but I think I am also going to put another boarder on the 2 sides I have a piecing idea that I am going to try out.
These are just a few shots so that you can see the fabrics that I used. You would never think they went together…believe me the piecing is all random the instructions in the book was perfect. There is no wasted fabric…LOVE IT!!  just click on the pictures if you would like a closer view.
i have been laying the quilts out on the lawn and DH has come to help me fold the quilts when done. He knows just how to fold them so that the material is not stretched. I think he loves quilting as much as I do.
This one will be my first big stitch quilt that I am going to do. It will be a perfect union….I just have to get that other boarder on both sides that won`t take to long.. I have the fabric now…LOL

Intervention… kindly

Well you all saw our 3 Quilters  quilts and RM will be sent by mail, but Mary`s will stay at my house till she brings the binding and she will do her binding here…this girl has many finished tops with no bindings! Well it is time to change that! I have kidnapped her quilt till the binding is done. then the only way it leaves the house is when she brings another one to get the binding on…I am a wicked quilter aren`t I??

the quilt below is a better picture of the sampler mom and I put together, I got the last boarder on last night. Mom took hers to the store to show the shop keeper what a wonderful job we did. She also bought my backing fabric that wideback fabric! how thoughtful was that?? Gotta tell you there is only one of her and I got her…sending blog hugs mom…
Mary is coming over on Thursday we are going to take a break from quilting and go see a movie but the next week after it is time to get serious and get some projects done.
I am also trying to upload a video of a quilt show I went with Mary and my DH I hope it goes through if not I will try again tomorrow I have been at the computer for 2hours it is cutting into my quilting time. If you knew how much I work you would understand.
I have tried to do a slideshow but my brain is not functioning right now...maybe later sorry.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Causing a Ruckus-lots of pictures

Home and quilting got all my blocks into these squares…this is one side


this is the other only 42 blocks as you can see there are 2 plain centers, I am going to applique in those 2 to make my 42


here are some pictures…I was asked if I was going to put a sashing in between the blocks I have not made up my mind yet








The pattern does not call for a sashing if you would like to see the quilt if you have the mag Mccalls Quilting Jun 2007 it is on page 19 I really like it without the sashing but then I was searching through Google images and found one with sashing…oh this is worse than picking out new shoes!


Mile high pile of blocks! waiting for a decision


also have to make a decision on these basket blocks I got in another swap with the same group again I love them all!!  I was thinking on point with this orange fabric and a plain block of that floral in the background…just a thought!


I am sure those that follow my blog knows that my mother does a BOM in the Leamington quilt store A Stitch in Time. Mom has been doing this for years with both my Dad and her getting the BOM you pay at the beginning a nominal fee of 7 dollars and then you get the blocks per month but you have to go in the store. If you miss a month or don`t have your block done you pay starting again.

This was the last BOM mom and I put the 2 quilts together last weekend. I just have to put the last boarder on mine.  Isn`t it just awesome! We do make a great team working together to pull a quilt together.

We had to piece those cut and piece those alternate blocks, plus the sashing and then the boarders. We have cut our prairie points to put them on as well. Our wonderful Fall quilt


Molly is watching me on the computer so I had to take a picture she likes to eat those hydrangeas behind her on that shelf.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer day`s

I actually have all my blocks pieced will post later all the blocks but there are additions
Got this top done love it on my bed it just looks so awesome! but as you can see I think I will have to redo the boarder the reds don`t match!! ahhhhh
Remember We 3 Quilters Stripping well these are the results, Mary (no blog) and below Rosemarie as you can see they both put in the little blocks in the sashing as I did in the first one. My second I didn`t. They are both lovely and again our LAQ did a fabulous job

I keep showing this one every year it is my favourite hydrangea…the Alice Oakleaf she is is getting big and she just looks better every year.
On the other side is my honeysuckle it just waterfalls onto the other side and smells so delicious
Don`t you jut love her!
Then you can see that the birds have also been planting. I had one of these in the front garden now there are some sprouting on the side of the house are they not beautiful? they are painted ferns.
This is the front of the house with my hydrangea`s and hostas getting along so well
The fern hiding there was the first one…
This weekend I got to spend time with my family and we all celebrated with my dad (handsome dude in the blue jacket) his 84th Birthday! mom behind him, brother Tim, me Tim`s friend
Beside Dad brother Dan, and his friend it was great having us all together! a special time with all of us together it doesn`t happen very often
Hope you all had a great Canada Day weekend and that our American friends have a wonderful and thoughtful Independence Day!