Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Intervention… kindly

Well you all saw our 3 Quilters  quilts and RM will be sent by mail, but Mary`s will stay at my house till she brings the binding and she will do her binding here…this girl has many finished tops with no bindings! Well it is time to change that! I have kidnapped her quilt till the binding is done. then the only way it leaves the house is when she brings another one to get the binding on…I am a wicked quilter aren`t I??

the quilt below is a better picture of the sampler mom and I put together, I got the last boarder on last night. Mom took hers to the store to show the shop keeper what a wonderful job we did. She also bought my backing fabric that wideback fabric! how thoughtful was that?? Gotta tell you there is only one of her and I got her…sending blog hugs mom…
Mary is coming over on Thursday we are going to take a break from quilting and go see a movie but the next week after it is time to get serious and get some projects done.
I am also trying to upload a video of a quilt show I went with Mary and my DH I hope it goes through if not I will try again tomorrow I have been at the computer for 2hours it is cutting into my quilting time. If you knew how much I work you would understand.
I have tried to do a slideshow but my brain is not functioning right now...maybe later sorry.


  1. I can't believe you had to kidnap her quilt. I love putting the binding on quilts. It is magical and I love to hand stitch the binding down. Hopefully Mary will discover the joy and get all those quilts bound.

  2. Yeah for interventions .... that is one great way to get all those quilts finished so that she and her family can enjoy them!!!

    Don't forget to take photos of them as she finishes one at a time.

    The sampler quilt is lovely and your Mom is spoiling you. :o)

  3. Deb your quilt is beautiful . Mom's always seem to know just what to do to make a daughter happy. It sounds like you have a treasure.

  4. too funny about your intervention! what to do though about the quilters with all the quilt tops and no quilting done?

  5. That's a really nice quilt, I love the colours! Noooooo......don't let the computer cut into your quilting time, we have our priorities!


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