Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Causing a Ruckus-lots of pictures

Home and quilting got all my blocks into these squares…this is one side


this is the other only 42 blocks as you can see there are 2 plain centers, I am going to applique in those 2 to make my 42


here are some pictures…I was asked if I was going to put a sashing in between the blocks I have not made up my mind yet








The pattern does not call for a sashing if you would like to see the quilt if you have the mag Mccalls Quilting Jun 2007 it is on page 19 I really like it without the sashing but then I was searching through Google images and found one with sashing…oh this is worse than picking out new shoes!


Mile high pile of blocks! waiting for a decision


also have to make a decision on these basket blocks I got in another swap with the same group again I love them all!!  I was thinking on point with this orange fabric and a plain block of that floral in the background…just a thought!


I am sure those that follow my blog knows that my mother does a BOM in the Leamington quilt store A Stitch in Time. Mom has been doing this for years with both my Dad and her getting the BOM you pay at the beginning a nominal fee of 7 dollars and then you get the blocks per month but you have to go in the store. If you miss a month or don`t have your block done you pay starting again.

This was the last BOM mom and I put the 2 quilts together last weekend. I just have to put the last boarder on mine.  Isn`t it just awesome! We do make a great team working together to pull a quilt together.

We had to piece those cut and piece those alternate blocks, plus the sashing and then the boarders. We have cut our prairie points to put them on as well. Our wonderful Fall quilt


Molly is watching me on the computer so I had to take a picture she likes to eat those hydrangeas behind her on that shelf.


  1. Ooooh, I love those blocks! And your fall quilt is just and your mum make a great team.

  2. wow! what a team! and what quilts! Fantastic!

  3. Awesome blocks .... we will just have to wait and see what you decide about the sashing.

    Great project that you and your Mom did together. Another goodie for me to see when I come for my visit!

    You have been busy switching furniture around ... that is a good photo of Molly.

  4. Can't wait to see if you sash, and the finished quilt. All of the block are very nice.

  5. I just love your quilt. Each block is so unique.
    I have done those $7 quilts several times. You get some really nice quilts that way.

  6. I love your quilt with all the different block centers. Very creative and beautiful. Always enjoy your photos.

  7. I love the fall quilt and I will have to admit I'm partial to sashing on quilts. It highlights the pattern in my opinion. But what struck me the most was you talking about working with your Mom. I miss my sweet mama so much it hurts. She died at age 87 in July 2003 from Alzheimers so in reality I lost my mother years before 2003. She and I loved to take quilt classes together. She loved applique quilts because that was something she could do as her eyesight got poor. I would make sure to cut out Large patterns for her to buttonhole stitch around. Treasure every minute of your time with your mother, take lots of pictures and do an interview with her on tape. My DIL did that with mother as they made peanut butter fudge and rolls (her specialties) That tape is priceless to us as we watch her stir the fudge, talk, laugh, informal and a treasured memory. It wasn't 6 months or less before the dementia became too severe to have gotten an interview. We had no idea the time was so short so the tape is all the more priceless. You would treasure having something like this to pass down.
    Gmama Jane

  8. Love what you are doing with the swap blocks. In fact, can spot 2 that l made. Funny! Just yesterday l was rifling through the basket with all my bags of swap blocks wondering what l could do with them. This is certainly a great idea l might have to copy.


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