Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year to come!!

I have no pic at the moment I am at work and will be till after January. I wanted to thank everyone for letting me follow their blogs so that I can enjoy their Christmas picks and their wonderful wishes. I was able to keep in the spirit with all your antics!!! with kids/furbabies and hubby's. You all are wonderful and I really look forward to seeing what you ALL have to share in the New Year.
I have plenty that will be posted in the new year...with 4 BOM that I will be starting at various times. First one I will working on with the others I am still working on will be the Dear Jane (DJ) blocks. I am getting these from StitchinHeaven they will send 10 blocks at a time.. so yes I have found some wonderful DJ blogs to help me along.
If you click on my profile you will see all the blogs that I am currently following. If you post a message I will gladly add you so that I can follow you and also see what you have been up to in the past.

I have also signed up for 3 more BOM plus I will contine to work on my Aunt Millie's project and Sally Post's project. I also will clear out some of my UFO's
Reading this I think hmmmmmmmmm do I really think I can do it.. I say I CAN!! I hope that you come and visit and keep me inspired...I hope that you post so that I can also see what you are doing.
I look forward to a great friendship in the New Year sharing our quilting moments

I can't wait for the year 2009 to start!!
Happy New Year

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Aunt Millie's Block 4

I thought I would post something besides Christmas...since that is all we are seeing at the present time. I bet you thought with all the holidays that I had put aside my AMG (Aunt Millie's Garden) blocks...well noway. I am just as excited to get this quilt done than ever. I have now got #4 block ready for applique.
I know it looks like it is already done but.. I use the no melt mylar method that means no marking and no pins and no basting. This is the easiest way to do applique. It is used more for quilts that have thesame pattern all circles. I have a feeling that I will be making another one of these so I am making the templates so that I will not have alot of work on the second one.
I am choosing fabrics that are in my stash so you are probably wondering what my rhyme or reason is.. well there really is none.. just auditioning my light/medium and dark values and going from there. I was trying to use some "primitive colors" but I keep going back to those "Piece of Cake" frosting type colors.. but I have toned it down some... haven't I????

I am almost finished binding one of the signature quilts and I can applique this while I am on break at work...
I have another block # 3 that is almost complete....LOL you can still see the thread and needle I wanted to post it though cause on another sight we are talking about circles and I wanted to show what my circles look like using Karen Kay Buckley's perfect circles. They are a dream to work with and I will make the ones for the sizes that are not in her package.. but believe me there are many, many sizes to chose from.
From Aunt Millie's Garden-Piece O' Cake Design

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mysterious Christmas

I was lucky last year to join a yahoo group that
had a wonderful mystery about 2 weeks before Christmas. I have done mysteries before and it was perfect timing...I needed to do something that was for me downtime away from it all. What better way than with a mystery quilt.

I didn't know what design I was going to be making but I must say that everyone's enthusiams snared me in. I picked my fabric and waited patiently for the first clue.. it was almost like lying in bed at Christmas eve for the footsteps to fall on the roof and Santa would be there with your gifts.. all those packages with mysterious things... the element of surprise!!
It was a perfect gift...for me...something I didn't know was going to happen until the last clue was unwrapped!!

I started with piecing the big spiral pieces and then the little pinwheels and then the unveiling of those wonderful bows the designer really had us in mind when she made this design... at the end this was the final gift all together. I added the last part of the boarder to finish these peperment swirls... then viola.. this was my first Christmas quilt!! The first one and I had been quilting for almost 17 years...

This lady now has the pattern on sale on her site and it is so worth it.. or if you click on the title above you can join in the mystery she will be starting in the new year.

This is Christmas to me a mystery of events that lead up to the day of Birth...

I hope all of you have a Wonderful Happy Holiday with Great friends and Family. I am so looking forward to 2009 when can share all our quilty finds/remedies/gifts and stitch till our hearts content.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Secret Santa's elf at work

I am currently finishing up my secret santa gift as well... I have the fabrics layed out and then sewed them together turning them inside out I showed my DH one and he says "ties"??? no silly santa's they will go on my Secret Santa's tree.. I know that she puts up a tree and has all ornaments of hand made items of years gone by so thought I would add to her collection.
Now to get them in the mail we will be opening them all together on Dec 20th.
I got box from my Secret Santa from Montana.. I just can't wait till I get to open it up.. it is so hard to let it sit there.. the postage was more expensive than anything!! it cost her 19.00 dollars to send it!! geesh.. we were only supposed to spend 5.00 dollars per gift.. so I figure I used about that much in fabric with a fat quarter to boot..

Well I am finally getting in the spirit a little.. it helps when I read what other bloggers are up to and what they post...please continue posting and I will find you and read about your preparations, making and baking for your families.

Happy Holidays to all and please remember to sit and take some rest time for yourself.. hot chocolate and marshmellows has been my thing lately.. .LOL
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Time for giving...

I see that there are lots of people blogging about their Christmas preparations and gifts for their loved ones.. the blogs are so wonderful to read.. if you click on my profile you will see the blogs I am following and be able to see what everyone is up to.
I have been working on many projects as well. I have Merry Bee's quilt almost done. I changed the layout a bit but love what I did.. the material in the sashings is from what her daughter sent me. I has bees and hives so I fussy cut it and used it to frame some of the nine patches. I thought it worked out so well.
I made 3 bullseye blocks myself one with little fairies as the background. It is almost all together but I had a hard time with the boarder. It is not on yet but now know what I am going to do... you see I still have 12 more 9patch signatures to use and my goal was to design a quilt that I can use all the signature blocks... Ihope that I will have the rest together this weekend . I have a great idea that I think will work for the boarder than to machine quilt it and send her off...I think I procrastinated a little cause I know that I will be machine quilting this and I am a little intimitated!!

I am also putting the binding on both of the other signature quilts. I have the binding on one side and am just hand stitching the other side.. soon I will have some finished projects to post!! instead of all these UFO's!! I tell you whomever invented these hair clips is a genious. I use them for holding my binding rather than pins and then I don't get stuck with pins I am not sure if you can see the lobster that is quilted on the quilt. I had requested the LAQ to design a lobster and she did a fantastic job!! The Pattern was from Quilters Newsletter's summer mag.. again another pattern that came just in time for another signature idea that needed about 500 signatures!!
Well back to putting in a few more stitches.

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