Monday, December 8, 2008

Secret Santa's elf at work

I am currently finishing up my secret santa gift as well... I have the fabrics layed out and then sewed them together turning them inside out I showed my DH one and he says "ties"??? no silly santa's they will go on my Secret Santa's tree.. I know that she puts up a tree and has all ornaments of hand made items of years gone by so thought I would add to her collection.
Now to get them in the mail we will be opening them all together on Dec 20th.
I got box from my Secret Santa from Montana.. I just can't wait till I get to open it up.. it is so hard to let it sit there.. the postage was more expensive than anything!! it cost her 19.00 dollars to send it!! geesh.. we were only supposed to spend 5.00 dollars per gift.. so I figure I used about that much in fabric with a fat quarter to boot..

Well I am finally getting in the spirit a little.. it helps when I read what other bloggers are up to and what they post...please continue posting and I will find you and read about your preparations, making and baking for your families.

Happy Holidays to all and please remember to sit and take some rest time for yourself.. hot chocolate and marshmellows has been my thing lately.. .LOL
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  1. Busy little elf you are! 8-)
    Hot chocolate sounds like a plan!
    Need to get to my Christmas fixings around here...
    Happy stitchings!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I would be happy to share some of our winter with you if I could, we got another six inches of snow yesterday & have another winter storm coming tomorrow. Oh well, it's good quilting weather!

  3. Hi Betweens! Hope you are getting into the festive spirit. The hot chocolate sounds good...this is no time to be counting calories, is it?! We need the energy! That is my excuse as another mince pie is eaten!
    Hope your Christmas is wonderful.
    Regards, Lynda


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