Friday, August 27, 2010

Fallen Angels






OUR WONDERFUL STAR POINTS..the one on it`s own at the bottom was a sample from scraps...she is mine (nun) these colors are specific to each angel. the fabric is specific to the coming to hunt for a gold star for the angels to carry and lead them on their way
I found this pattern by Pam Bono in our Guild sale where someone threw it in the free could not have been more perfect timing
off for the conference...loving the day life starting to get used to being out of the fog

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pets on Quilts

SewCalGal has a great idea on people posting pictures of their pets on quilts... I had many pictures on my pc but am not able to get them as you know earlier with all the problems I had. so I dug out my disks and found this one on it.. it is one of my fav`s... as you can see Joey loved to help with laying out the blocks embarrassing to say but this poor quilt is a flimsy and has not been quilted yet...but it is together...LOL he was a handsome gentle kitty...

Brit and I went to the Groomers old one we used to go to till they was great seeing them again Colleen and Paul they own the pet shop called Muddy Paws..what a great name I know!!!...well they handled my geriatric girl with great care and let me stay with her as she was groomed. I sure wish we had a before and after shot but Colleen took this picture.. Britnee and her chunky mama...and as you can see she is what big ears you have girl
We were going to Petsmart in Pickering Ontario for a couple of years there was a girl that was grooming her and did a great job.. but the last time I am not sure what happened but they had really chopped up her hair even the girl at the counter told me to bring her back and get her cleaned up...well I guess they didn`t like that cause they had refused us this time...saying that because of her condition that they don`t think that they could be liable for her...
Muddy Paws had no problem I was with them the whole time (only took 1 1/2) and Britnee did exceptional.. so I was very disappointed in Petsmart they thought they were thinking of the dog but in reality when a dog gets comfortable at a groomers it is not good to change.
Lucky for Brit and I Colleen took us in we were long time clients when we first started our life journey together and now we will continue with her in our geriatric journey glad that we have wonderful people like her on this earth.
Colleen took this picture of Brit and I after the grooming..Happy Pup..

and not to be left out in any way would be this favorite picutre I found of Molly or should I say Princess Molly... those awesome eyes and bushy tail...

I am working on some quilting projects that are almost at their end will post them soon.. have patience and have a great weekend...