Sunday, November 22, 2009

peek-a-boo I see you...

I could not resist starting with this face...she is so animated that I hope she has brought a smile to your morning as she has done mine..that silly little Nosey...LOL...our job is done if you started out with a smile.

Sandy came by during the week..she loves the Love Letters quilt as well and wanted to make one. She has not done alot of applique so I am showing her the ropes. Sandy has ordered her book through Sew Sisters and using fabric out of her time I will post what she brought.
Sandy also loved the mini I had pieced earlier in the year and that she had quilted so she has made her own version with these wonderful beiges remember these strips are cut 7/8ths of an inch!!...wait till you see the finish..I imagine it to be a spectacular. I will post the finish when she is done..but I couldn't wait to show you what she has done already

I didn't want to post until I got my next block here is block one of my Love Letters BOM that I am getting from Stitchin Heaven

I don't know why but I started applique'n block 3 and now have that one done block 3 is below

And had a chance to start block 2 you can see at the bottom right of the screen.. I have blocks 4 and 5 as well but are not pinned and ready yet. After I finish 3 I will prep them to get going on.

Here is a picture with all 3 together.. massive!! just 3 blocks and they take up my whole design wall!

I have not been at machine very much due to the applique and prepping plus been having quilting friends over... they give you so much incentive!! I will get back to my Reaching for the Stars quilt in the next 2 weeks.. got some great FQ's to use for the fill in stars...
I thought I would leave you with another sweet and happy face not sure if you can see the big smile she has, you can sure see some of her mother in her..dearest sweet Molly

Also thought I would show you a little harvest of Hydrangea's that I have dried to view during the winter.. lots of beautiful color with different kinds. The kitties will nibble on this during the winter months as well..but really don't hurt anything
Back to working on block 3 thanks for the visit love what you are also doing and following along.
this was another quick post.. hope to dwell on everyone else the next post. Hope you were able to visit the post before this one. Lekaquilts is also working on Love Letters as well but from a different BOM

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New friend with great Giveaway!!

I am posting a great giveaway from a Blogger named LekaQuilts she is a new blogger to me (Crispy introduced us...thanks) but what makes me so very happy is I have finally found a quilter that is making Love Letters!! I am so thrilled and she is on the same block I am well she just finished it.. I am still working on 3 but only have a couple of stems to do.

So hurry over to her blog just click on her tags above or on her name or on her title you can win Piece of Cake's new book, or these darling change purses she made!! not only that I love her blog!! great quilt's she is working on.
"Sweet Nostaliga" block for November is posted by Dolores button to her is on the sidebar another great block!!
Freebie Friday's block has been posted you can see the link on the sidebar for her as would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone!!
Burning the Midnight Oil has posted her instructions for fabric requirements. These you have to make sure you get or you will need to purchase her patterns after the month is up.
and I must say the list goes on. there is so much going on for BOM's a quilter can never get idle!!
I have to download my pics so hope to have some soon this is my week of meetings every night..hope I make it.. my throat is killling me today and my ears are itching been fighting this since Thursday went away and now coming back...but it is going around here so we'll see I am fighting it.. ain't going to get sick!! to much quilt'n to do

Saturday, November 7, 2009

continuation of what's going on...

I was able to see the launching of a first quilt show by a group called the Twisted Sisters. there are only 40 members in the group and their show was plenty. I know a couple of photo's where posted on other blogs but I was lucky enough to talk to some of the members and makers on some of the quilts so I chose to upload these.. they had some special meaning and i thought you would like to know.

this one was made by many quilters... each made a block and then the blocks were put together in memory of a member that had passed in their sewing group. I thought it was well done with great fabric on the boarder which was from the member's own stash that had passed.

the one below is one of many wonderful quilts made from a challenge fabric that was picked. Their imagination was astounding!!
This was one of my fav's in that catagory

This one below a women's mother collected cat book markers and was pinning them to the wall. the daughter decided she was going to redecorate which meant painting the walls.. but what to do with all those book mark's ...look at the wonderful idea she come up with for her mom.. I thought this was a fantastic idea!!

Now this one I picked because I was lucky enough to buy the pattern a couple of years ago at our guild yard sale and then to see one made up and hanging at the quilt show just gave me so much incentive.. no I am not starting another project!! but it is waiting in the wings. I thought the maker did a wonderful job on the applique.. not easy patterns that is for sure!! and look at her boarder treatment!! You can click on these pics to get a closer look I am sure you will want to just like I did at the show..

Below is Jennifer with her poor broken arm visiting from Austrailia and her DIL which she was staying with in Toronto..then myself.. Rosemarie was the one holding the camera.. she also took us everywhere and made sure that Jennifer had a great quilty time here in Toronto. Then there is me at the end.. no sleep after a night shift and coasting the day away with friends and a quilt show...LOL a little rough looking I would say.

As for me I took advantage of a little sale that was going on at Stitchin Heaven they had buy 7fq get 6 for free..and look what else they sent a rubber ducky but PINK with the ribbon isn't he adorable!! when you purchase from them you also collect "points towards a purchase" so I collected enough to get this LED ear light for applique when the light is not spectacular. Also they always send these wonderful thank you cards great people one day I hope to visit their store
I had sent them a link to the Civil War Bride and said when you pic the fabric please keep this quilt in mind.. I think they did pretty great!! you can see that nice new icon on the right there.. that quilt is going to be my 2010 to start quilt and finish!! I love it so much!!
I could not resist this picture..when I am sewing I have the joy of looking at this beautiful face chatting at me to stop and sit in the big chair to pet him. This is Joey when my machine starts to roar he will get on his haunches and start to wave his paws up and down as if he were catching butterflies in the air.. sometimes I pretend that I don't notice at first then I burst out laughing cause it is so funny to watch.
Did you notice the pink belly?? from day one when he came here he has taken all the hair off his belly sometimes the others will do it too.. but they will have it grow back not him it is always pink... i have tried all kinds of food but now i think I have found one that works the only trouble is the other 3 don' t like it... so I am now mixing 2 foods together.. and slowly I am now starting to see peach fuzz coming in.. he does love when I rub his bare belly though...

so I am off to get a new thimble that has come out and also to drop off Rosemarie's camera.. she came by for a bit yesturday.. we looked at quilting books and sewed a little but talked alot!! next month it will be my turn to go to her place.. I didn't pull out much show and share with her.. mostly we drooled over books and patterns... it was an excellent time and it flew by very fast.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am always trying to catch up!!

there is always so much to tell!! I wish I could snap my fingers and these pictures would upload in a flash.. some bloggers are using that Windows live I have to take a minute and try to work with it... maybe it won't take as much time to upload the pics and then I can load more than only 4 pics at a time!!

I have to show you my mug hug and rug... another group I belong to Quilters Last resort had their own swap of mug hugs and rugs. I have a wonderful set that can be reversible from Fiberbabble lovely machine quilting now this was a couple of weeks ago so I am very behind!!

the button to hold the hug on my mug was from her great Gramma's button jar.. how cool is that!! I have some of her history!! So FiberBabble and her Gram's is hugging me very morning. I have it wrapped around a pottery cup I had made for me long ago from a friend I worked with she did pottery if fits perfect!! so Thanks a million Fiberbabble it will be cherished.
Next look what Jennifer brought when she came all the way from Australia...luscious fabric, and a wonderful quilt calendar for 2010 she knows the makers of the quilts in here... and of course quilters staple.. chocolate..notice it didn't make it into the picture.. but I saved the box!! " Haigh's Chocolates...Jennifer is back in Australia but not without a mishap shortly after she got here she broke her arm!! and she has hair down to her waist!! her DH soon learned how to "plait" her hair.. ( Canadian terms) I also had to take a picture of the wrapping paper look at those adorable blue birds are they not the sweetest. I couldn't rip the paper.. no problem eating the chocolate though go figure

I meet Jennifer through blogging and am so glad she took the time to see me and Rosemarie
You can read some of the things that she did with Jennifer on her visit.. Rosemarie was a wonderful hostess and they went to many quilt related events!! so glad that she showed Jennifer what we can do in Ontario for quilting fun... Thanks Rosemarie.. you are a very good friend

Now ask me what kinda trouble am I getting myself into?? is this another large quilt?? this quilt is an adaption I saw browsing in quilt in a day book with Eleanor Burns.. she used the Single wedding ring pattern to create this wonderful "Rose quilt"... this looks like roses in a drift of snow. I just finished piecing it and now will be quilting it. I have been practicing my machine quilting...ugh fooooooorget it.. I will be hand quilting this one!! I need more practice!!

I think I fooled you all though this is another mini quilt!! the blocks are 4 1/4in each the squares are 1in each!! but it sure looks like a big quilt doesn't it!! I love how crisp it looks!!

Here it is beside the I wasn't fibbing was I?? I am going to start another one and when Rosemarie comes to quilt with me on Friday I will quilt them up.. yes by hand I am starting a Burygone Civil wars to make it look very fingers are itching to start so I will leave you.. thanks for all your great comments your comments are wonderful and very much appreciated...

will be back shortly to post more pics of other great adventures... I mean I did go to a quilt show too.. ya know but I am on a deadline.. you know what those are right?? 8-)