Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am always trying to catch up!!

there is always so much to tell!! I wish I could snap my fingers and these pictures would upload in a flash.. some bloggers are using that Windows live I have to take a minute and try to work with it... maybe it won't take as much time to upload the pics and then I can load more than only 4 pics at a time!!

I have to show you my mug hug and rug... another group I belong to Quilters Last resort had their own swap of mug hugs and rugs. I have a wonderful set that can be reversible from Fiberbabble lovely machine quilting now this was a couple of weeks ago so I am very behind!!

the button to hold the hug on my mug was from her great Gramma's button jar.. how cool is that!! I have some of her history!! So FiberBabble and her Gram's is hugging me very morning. I have it wrapped around a pottery cup I had made for me long ago from a friend I worked with she did pottery if fits perfect!! so Thanks a million Fiberbabble it will be cherished.
Next look what Jennifer brought when she came all the way from Australia...luscious fabric, and a wonderful quilt calendar for 2010 she knows the makers of the quilts in here... and of course quilters staple.. chocolate..notice it didn't make it into the picture.. but I saved the box!! " Haigh's Chocolates...Jennifer is back in Australia but not without a mishap shortly after she got here she broke her arm!! and she has hair down to her waist!! her DH soon learned how to "plait" her hair.. ( Canadian terms) I also had to take a picture of the wrapping paper look at those adorable blue birds are they not the sweetest. I couldn't rip the paper.. no problem eating the chocolate though go figure

I meet Jennifer through blogging and am so glad she took the time to see me and Rosemarie
You can read some of the things that she did with Jennifer on her visit.. Rosemarie was a wonderful hostess and they went to many quilt related events!! so glad that she showed Jennifer what we can do in Ontario for quilting fun... Thanks Rosemarie.. you are a very good friend

Now ask me what kinda trouble am I getting myself into?? is this another large quilt?? this quilt is an adaption I saw browsing in quilt in a day book with Eleanor Burns.. she used the Single wedding ring pattern to create this wonderful "Rose quilt"... this looks like roses in a drift of snow. I just finished piecing it and now will be quilting it. I have been practicing my machine quilting...ugh fooooooorget it.. I will be hand quilting this one!! I need more practice!!

I think I fooled you all though this is another mini quilt!! the blocks are 4 1/4in each the squares are 1in each!! but it sure looks like a big quilt doesn't it!! I love how crisp it looks!!

Here it is beside the I wasn't fibbing was I?? I am going to start another one and when Rosemarie comes to quilt with me on Friday I will quilt them up.. yes by hand I am starting a Burygone Civil wars to make it look very fingers are itching to start so I will leave you.. thanks for all your great comments your comments are wonderful and very much appreciated...

will be back shortly to post more pics of other great adventures... I mean I did go to a quilt show too.. ya know but I am on a deadline.. you know what those are right?? 8-)


  1. That mini-quilt is amazing! And I was fooled!

  2. Great mug hug and rug you got from Tracy.
    That fabric with the kangaroos is so cute.
    Yes, it was hard to tell how big the quilt is. Love it.

  3. love the quilt it did look like a full size! looks like you have your work cut out for her.

  4. You could have fooled me, Deb because I sure thought it was a 'large' quilt. Gorgeous piecing in your mini!

  5. Love your Roses in the Snow! Minis are a great idea, they are easier to finish.

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  7. Love the mug hug and rug! So cool. I keep meaning to make myself a cup cozy, but the cute name is helping to re-inspire me. :) And your new mini is very nifty... can't wait to see how you quilt it up.

  8. Cute cozy and mat. How fun to meet a fellow blogger and from down under too!!


  9. ah ha, you got me... I thought for sure that was a full sized quilt. Very pretty.

  10. You did a great job! I love them both!


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