Sunday, November 15, 2009

New friend with great Giveaway!!

I am posting a great giveaway from a Blogger named LekaQuilts she is a new blogger to me (Crispy introduced us...thanks) but what makes me so very happy is I have finally found a quilter that is making Love Letters!! I am so thrilled and she is on the same block I am well she just finished it.. I am still working on 3 but only have a couple of stems to do.

So hurry over to her blog just click on her tags above or on her name or on her title you can win Piece of Cake's new book, or these darling change purses she made!! not only that I love her blog!! great quilt's she is working on.
"Sweet Nostaliga" block for November is posted by Dolores button to her is on the sidebar another great block!!
Freebie Friday's block has been posted you can see the link on the sidebar for her as would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone!!
Burning the Midnight Oil has posted her instructions for fabric requirements. These you have to make sure you get or you will need to purchase her patterns after the month is up.
and I must say the list goes on. there is so much going on for BOM's a quilter can never get idle!!
I have to download my pics so hope to have some soon this is my week of meetings every night..hope I make it.. my throat is killling me today and my ears are itching been fighting this since Thursday went away and now coming back...but it is going around here so we'll see I am fighting it.. ain't going to get sick!! to much quilt'n to do


  1. Oh Deb I hope you avoid this bug, the one going around here seems to hang on forever. Plenty of rest and fluids Missy LOL.


  2. hope you get to feeling better soon - any friend of Crispy's is a friend of mine :)

  3. I hope you manage to ward off the dreaded bug.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. You can't get the bug, you don't have time!

  5. I hope you get better soon! :)



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