Tuesday, January 15, 2013


another one prepped (I keep saying I am not a thimbleberries fan, but then I pull out a fabric and read the bottom and it says thimbleberries! how does that happen...the brown background)
and another block prepped. I have them pinned to the design board next picture I post will show ya.
Hope`n to get the applique prepped then it will just be grab and go…I still have to do the piec`n too…
Guild meeting tonight with Kindred Hearts how to keep your sewing machine in top shape, perfect for me cause I am `bout due for  maintenance.

time to shower and get some sleep beef barley soup on the stove...i think I mentioned i love barley


  1. I rarely get thimbleberries either but once it in awhile it has crept into my stash without me realizing it.

  2. Love your choice of colours Deb, this is such a fun quilt to work on!

  3. Too funny. I do the same thing about Thimbleberries. I'm not a fan! And then I look at my fabric and wonder where the Thimbleberries fabric came from. lol!

  4. I just LOVE this project in the fabrics you have chosen!

  5. Blogger wouldn't let me comment earlier - don't know why! I'm with you on brown....but sometimes it is just the right colour to use.

  6. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog Debra. I do love what you are working on. The fabrics are wonderful!

  7. Lovely work! I just found your message from Nov on my blog . Follwed it to your blog. My goal this year is to do more blogging!

  8. your blocks are looking fabulous. I am not much of an appliquer (is there such a word?). So i admire those that do.

  9. I love the blocks in the first photo.
    Lookig forward to seeing more of your blocks.

    Ohh, I love barley in soup too! :)


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