Monday, October 12, 2009

Stash Play!!

I thought I would post what I have been up to inbetween sleeping and going to work this weekend. I have been on a mission to try to finish some "UFO's" I got the kitty quilt done as you saw earlier.. but now this Star quilt.. it was alot more than I thought I had to finish it.. now don't get excited!! I don't have it done yet..but thought you would like to see how far I got.. I think now I on the home stretch that's cause I can do these "Y" seams in my sleep!!

Under it all are the big, big "petals" or diamonds then on top are the many medium diamonds, then to the side are the Leymone the pile of squares and then some of the leymone's still going through the machine

Below is a little auditioning but I think I will see if I can borrow Cock-a Doodle's design board when I want to put the whole thing together.. they have a huge design board!

here are the 4 medium stars, I have the 1/2 stars done too.. but didn't put them all up.. just thought you would like to know all this fabric is from my stash...All of it...I love now that I can creak open my cupboards and see all this glorious fabric to play with!! I love to play in my stash...time to cut into yours...

Below is my great winnings from Dorothy Baker.. look at all the wonderful goodies!! How very generous.. I have already broke open the "blue marker" to mark a design that I am putting together for a mug hug. My friend "Gimpy Cat" on line but her real name is Helen.. designed the precious hugs for me cause I was having such a mental block on what to make.
I got those wonder fat quarters from Dorothy and 4 different size embroiderie needles with the embroiderie hoop.. awesome!!
I also noticed that the kitties are on the design wall and the Single Irish Chain mini I was making.. this is called "Brown Eyed Susan".
It is always weird looking at your sewing room from the other side...LOL

See the light table underneath my Dad made that for me isn't he awesome.. he made a hole on the side big enough for me to slip my Ott light underneath. It is big enough for my love letter blocks!!

Last I thought I would post a little fall color this is a bit of my Alice Oak Leaf Hydrangea..I just love how this changes it's color every year...
Well I hope to have the big picture all done by the end of next week.. meaning my Reaching for the stars quilt... I know that Minick and Simpson would love to see it too.. they pieced this thing by hand!! and used 3 cans of starch.. I will go through what I did at the end when it is complete.. it is piecing all these big pieces together that will be the challenge..
Well it is Monday start of the work week...don't worry the week will fly by and it will be the weekend again..


  1. Wow I just love your lone of my "to do" quilts. I look forward to seeing it all together.


  2. The stars are amazing! That will be breathtaking when it's all sewn together.

  3. Having struggled through my lonestars i admire you and the quilt you are making

    love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Just beautiful. Great color selection.


  5. Wow, your stars are awesome. I really admire you for taking on such a quilt.
    Congrats on your win. Is the Cosmo floss that is already divided into 2 strands?
    I have an Oak leaf Hydrangea too and I just love it.

  6. It's incredible and beautiful at the same time, I love it. What book is it in? I'm cheering you on to a great finish here.

  7. What an awesome job on a V-E-R-Y ambitious quilt, Deb. Ambitious and intimidating for me but not for you though. I am in awe of all of your projects.

    Great winnings too! I purchased some Cosmos floss but haven't had the chance to use it yet.

  8. thanks for giving me a chance to see some of the great local quilt shows. I couldn't make it to all of them. I hope to meet you at our first Twisted Sttichers Quilt Guild show - thanks for follwing us.

  9. Your lone stars are amazing! That a nifty light box.

  10. The stars are breathtaking. How did you put your light box together?

  11. Wow Deb you are busy, love the star, colours are just beautiful. Kitties are so cute, the border fabric is really fun. Congrats on your win, what a nice bundle of goodies, cant wait to hear what the floss is like, I havent heard of that brand before. Thanks for taking time to take pics at sewing meetings etc and sharing them, its fun reading your blog :-)


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