Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Y" seam break!! please

Took a little break you will see why at the end..but wanted to tell you about a blog that is doing really cool blocks paper piecing of different shoes and her patterns are great. Christine's blog is great to read go take a

Do you remember the cat blocks well I have the top all pieced together the boarder fabric is kitty prints and then the corner stones are different kitties in different a different poise!

The wind is blowing outside so I couldn't hang it on the line so it is on DH bed.. mine is full of cat hair..his ends up being the "display bed" I love how they turned out.

Now look at this crazy boarder.. when I had my applique session I saw this fabric they were cutting up for kits at Cock a doodle quilts I asked if they used it all they said yes...then I got an email a couple of days later and they had enough for me to make this boarder.. some fussy cutting and it looks like I have 2 boarders on there.. and see all the different kitties on this too.. it was just to adorable to pass up!! wait till you see the backing.. more kitties!! it is the cats meow this quilt.

I am now onto the "Reaching for the Stars" quilt from Minick and Simpson that I had been working on long ago and put away.. now I remember why.. I need'd a "Y" seam break.. this quilt is full of "Y" seams so it is not for the impatient quilter. I am just finishing putting the triangles on the lemoyne stars taking a breath and then cutting the squares to put on. I am hoping to get alot of this done this weekend

The quilt is going to be a king and you can see this is only one of the corner stones of the quilt. I know this will be my favorite the Broken star or whatever you would like to call it this blocks has so many names is a favorite pattern of mine...

I will have to take a little time to learn the writer program it is very frustrating when you can only load 4 pictures at a time.. I have alot to show you still!!
back to the "Y" seams will post probably more later..


  1. love how the cat quilt turned out and the Broken Star

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. The cat quilt is great! It's the cats meow.

  3. Your cat quilt is so cute..and that border fabric is perfect!

    I LOVE that Lonestar you're doing. It's going to be stunning! :)

  4. I love all the kitties!!!

    I have just finished making lots of Le Moyne stars too.
    I did mine by hand; I can't imagine anyone being able to make them on a machine!!!!

  5. That is a sweet kitty quilt and love your star quilt!

  6. I think you already know that I love your kitty quilt! Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  7. Your cat quilt turned out so cute.

  8. I love the scrappy kitty quilt! So cute!

  9. The cat quilt is great and the border really sets it off.


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