Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Letters with a Friend

here is Sandy`s lovely blocks she loved the pattern so much she bought the book and started working on hers, we are keeping each others incentive up when we visit each other we stitch on our blocks. I think we should visit each other more often. Sandi was not sure on how to needleturn so I gave her some pointers on how to and she just ran away with it and look at the super work she is doing
Here are my blocks..oops sorry the chair edged its way over...
here is Sandy getting block 5 ready it is so funny when she comes over she has about 2 bags of fat quarters and all her equipment needed to work on her project plus her phone her kids are all over the world right now Washington, London, Calgary so she always has her phone handy.
Sandy had moved into a beautiful home and has her new LAQ machine all set up and ready for quilting she is amazing!! just like her work as you saw earlier on my applique butterfly quilt where she Mctavished it all..
Weather wise it snows here but I would rather that than the flooding my thoughts go out to all Austrialian friends that are affected by this terrible trauma.


  1. Wow! wonderful looking blocks...

  2. Wow Sandy sure took to applique like a duck to water. Beautiful blocks ladies :0)


  3. Both of you are making great progress there, and doing lovely work on those blocks... 8-)


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