Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FQ Pantry

so here is my Crown of Thorns, or other names it goes by I am calling it My FQ Pantry.  I found this pattern in the Country Patchwork and Craft  Vol 7 no 2 . I added a row to make it larger and also did a 10in boarder.
I was fortunate enough to find the boarder fabric on my way to my mothers. There is a house I stop at in Dutton Ontario, Brenda is the proprietor and she has a Garage reverted into a wonderful Quilters paradise with fabrics, books, threads and notions and her prices are very reasonable, the boarder fabric was in the 50percent bin so what a steal.  You can google Evelyns Sewing Center in Dutton and it will give you directions on how to get there.
If you are on the 401 going west stop by and say that Deb sent ya. She is a wonderful person to chat quilt chat and it is a great break when travelling the 401
Anyways back to the quilt, take a look at the sashing I was lucky the fabric (from Art of Fabric) is directional but the way it is put together the directions cut all the same way. I love the sashing fabric. So this is my country quilt it is large it will drape nicely over my bed when I quilt it which won`t be till winter. I used up some of the FQ`s in my stash and have found a couple of more patterns where I will be using up these FQ`s

Has anyone seen the quiltmart pictures? do you love the things that are coming out? Fabrics are to just go gaa gaa over and the patterns. I have been going through my Mag`s and been rippen out the patterns I want to keep and tossing the rest I am finally realizing that I just don`t have the room for everything I would like to keep.

I am testing out new ways to post from Writer please bare with me as I decide what is a good view.


  1. Great border fabric - in fact, the whole quilt is just fabulous!

  2. i love your crown of thorns quilt. the colors are so beautiful and the border fabric is very unique. what a fun touch!

  3. I'm using live writer now Deb. I really like it. I can write a post months in advance and leave it there until its time to publish. You'll enjoy it.

  4. It is beautiful and yes I have seen the fabrics from Market. I want so many of them!

  5. Love, love, love the border!!!! It is sure different from the one you showed me and the fabric is absolutely fantastic. What a great quilt!!!

  6. Your Crown of Thorns quilt is very pretty.


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