Sunday, May 27, 2012

Highs and Lows

I had a wonderful workshop with Lucy Anne Holliday a on big stitch quilting I love it. This is my first finish with big stitch
The pattern is from Kathleen Tracy`s book and I wanted to big stitch it my stitches need to be bigger but it is a good start. Will be doing this on a few quilt tops waiting for this exciting new adventure.
had to post one more picture
Below I am still putting on the binding for my strippy quilt almost done!
Rosemarie has finished her top too as you can see it is different I have it on my bed to audition isn`t it wonderful!!
This is Rosemarie and her DH Gillis I just came to wish them luck I can`t believe it is time for them to move I remember when we said we had 3months not sure where it went but…they are going to their new home far from me…this is my low

I thought that the Columbine below was beautiful it comes up every year in my garden with no coaxing it is wonderfullly beautiful to look at.


  1. Love your Columbine, it is so pretty! And your little quilt too. That's such a lovely pic of Rose Marie and her DH.

  2. I am doing some big stitching on a mini quilt at this time.
    OOO! that flower is so pretty.

  3. You are such a busy person...where do you find the time? Would like to hear more about your big stitch class.


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