Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I`m walking on Sunshine….

Well I just have the binding to put on, Dorothy M from my quilting guild did a wonderful job quilting exactly what I was looking for. I am just thrilled with the finishing.
As per the last post this is the quilt Rosemarie, MaryK (anonymous poster) and I are putting together in remembrance of our Thursday`s get together. MaryK and I will still make the effort but it will be very far for Rosemarie to appear for our Thursday`s together. .

I did this Quilt version slightly different then the red one. I have added the solid boarders and only a boarder of 2in blocks all the way around. The quilt is so much bigger than the red one I didn`t want to get halfway and realized I didn`t have enough blocks for the sashing.

Rosemarie was starting a tutorial, I had to let her know that I got this from a pattern so due to copy write I totally understand why she had to discontinue, we still made our own version of the quilt but it is still a pattern, go to Rosemarie`s blog and she has the link  there are many strippy patterns this one is on the last page.
Warning this is done in batiks in the pattern there is little give on the bias, when using your best UGLY fabrics you are going to get some bias issues, be very careful with your ironing and piecing.

I know, I know less talk more pictures…totally understand I hope with this picture you can see Dorothy`s quilting.
Don`t look at the 2 blocks that are so close together….of course it would be the picture I would take. I would like to thank Dorothy on her advise on putting on boarders and sashing measure, measure, measure…I did but I may not have measured 2wice…
Now I have to show you my back fabric too. I love these gorgeous tulips, I got them at Sew Sisters when she had them on her 6.99 shelf  now how can you not resist these?!! I have a friend that if she sees this post she will gag…LOL.
sidenote...Sewsisters is expanding and it really looks like it is going to be a great addition go take a look
I brought this quilt to my guild meeting and it was a big hit. I think everyone now had an idea of what to do with those UGLY (what some might call) fabrics
The other night after finishing the quilt above I decided to make my May Kathleen Tracey Mini quilt that she has assigned us the group in Yahoo is called Small Talk ( a very very active mini quilt group), I have to quilt it but I am going to wait till I take my Big Stitch class with Lucy Anne Holliday next Saturday…I have a plan for the finishing.
Well that is it for show and share…our visits are far but as you can see I am productive…


  1. Oh my ..... this turned out gorgeous and the machine quilting is perfect for this quilt! I can hardly wait to see this up close.

  2. I hope my ugly fabrics turn out so well. It seems you dealt nicely with what appears to be a lot of bias edges.

    1. yes julie very carefully, very very carefully. giggle

  3. Love it - it has turned out very well!

  4. Oh my, it turned out so wonderful. No ugly fabrics i can see. Now, that's one for my to-do list.
    Oh, and I do love the backing fabric :)


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