Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stripper on the loose…

Some strips…..
3 quilters sharing their uglies
working hard to get our strips sewn.
this is Rosemarie and she is doing a tutorial on the quilt we are making together before she moves up north at the end of the month go to she has the first part of the tutorial up and will post the rest a little later.
i think it is fabulous that she takes the time to do it.
this is now the second creation these are the strips from we 3 quilters I still have to put another row on, the design wall is to small and then I am adding the little squares all the way around and then black for the outside boarder
i hope when you click on this picture you can see that the black is big billowy roses. i bought this fabric at least 8 or 9 years ago at the Quilting Patch in the Guildwood of Scarborough. This store will be closing its doors as of the end of May… the 3rd store to close in the last year here. hmmmmm sign of the times.


  1. Definitely going to try this, I will print out the instructions before they disappear forever into cyberspace. There is plenty of fabric in my stash......I have an obscene amount of fabric, and do not need any more......*grin*

  2. It is amazing how lovely the ugly scrappy quilt comes together.
    Love the rosey blck border.
    I am gooing to pop over to see the tutorial now.

  3. Have they caught those strippers yet!? Hee! That quilt will be wonderful...have fun!

  4. I love it! Think I might have to make one. I have lots of ugly fabrics. I am so upset about the closing of the Quilting Patch. It was the only quilt store I was able to go to on my scooter. What other shops have closed lately?


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