Monday, May 21, 2012

Long weekend…got a little accomplished



Well the quilt above was lying on the trundle bed  for oh…3minutes and then Molly took over, this is the stripy one I am putting the binding on. Half way there…


I got all 36 blocks made and most of the sashing done, plus out and garden all morning, plus rearranged and thoroughly cleaned my bedroom.

Lots of blogging about quilt mart and all the gorgeous fabrics, then everyone had giveways on their blogs missed allot of the action do to life choirs but that is okay it will be fun to see what everyone had won.

Hope you also all had a great long weekend.


  1. Great choice of sashing ties the blocks together very well! Kitties are not backward in finding a comfy place, are they? Ours are basking in the sun coming through our big window at present.

  2. Lovely quilts and I love the Kaleidoscope one in the background.

  3. That pink fabric is a great choice for sashing! No doubt about doesn't take them long to find a comfy spot.

  4. The big quilt is English Wedding Ring, yes? I made a small one that hangs in my dining room and that's the name the book gave it. I really like yours! Mine is one fabric and the background - I love all the fabrics you used. And you picked the perfect sashing.

  5. love the quilt on the design wall great pink sashing perfect choice!
    ok molly looks so comfy! she knows the best place in the house to take a nap!


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