Thursday, June 21, 2012

First day of Summer

Our friend Rosemarie gave us a gift before moving and it gave great motivation to start a hexie quilt. Rosemarie gave us thread and Scissor and also a wonderful Quilters Mag and quilters nail file. Her words were that it was to start our hexie quilts…so we have.
The kit above is a mixture of things given,  thread and scissor`s by Rosemarie
Box and magnet pin holder by a retreat that I had been in the early spring,  the threader is from me..LOL.
This project will take years! I have started this a week ago and have 11 blocks prepared and ready with 4 done ….Yippee.  The fabrics are from my scrap bag!
I am not using the ENGLISH PAPER Piecing method I am using the no melt Templar. I don`t  like to waste my thread on basting. I know my stitches are showing but I think because I don`t have much of an edge. There has been some learning hurdles, like, what needle so sew with, I had been using the applique needle but have learned my betweens short needle is best to grab the couple of threads. My stitching is getting better and I am enjoying the process of working with my hands.  I also like to fussy cut some of the fabrics.
I am hand quilting a mini I had made earlier in the year it is a grid that is every 1/2 in. Gotta say if you want to quilt and watch tellie but not feel you have missed anything watch the last Twilight saga (Sorry to those that follow and love it but I thought it was time that was well wasted if I had not had my quilting)
Then I had put together my other mini tops that have to be quilted so that when I want to do them they will be ready sometimes picking the backing is just as much fun as picking the tops.  Here they are all rolled up!
This is what I had bought when I had been out with Rosemarie on our last quilt show together. The dishes are very different I thought with the plates. I loved them so I bought them, turns out the girl had 2 sets I only bought one.
Don`t laugh that I have a Christmas wall hanging up a dear friend made it and and I just can`t take it down. It has been there 2 years. The flowers are dried Peonies not roses cool eh? and then the bear my D Cousin had made, and the mini was a 4 patch I had made from left over fabric.


  1. Love those hexie's ... and you're fussy cutting some of them ... awesome!

    Gorgeous mini that you are quilting and what a great idea to have more minis all ready to hand quilt.

  2. I reckon you would have fun with fact, I'm surprised you haven't been into already!

  3. that little kit is such a great idea. have fun making your hexie quilt.

  4. Hey Debra, so nice to see you: o)
    Finally, I'm home alone and can spend lots of time in my sewing room. It's a great mini-quilt you are sewing on, nine pach has always been a big favorite of mine. It's nice that you have a small space where you have small pieces of history from your friends. I like that! I have not made ​​needle turn lately, has mostly made ​​smaller projects - such as owl mobile cases and different make-up purses.
    Now I'm going back to the sewing room. See you later. Hugs


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