Thursday, June 7, 2012

mini pantry-the basics

Well I had to do something with the scraps of the boarder and I am on the June mini with Kathleen Tracey`s yahoo group. so you can see with a little fussy cutting.
I also got my second quilt back this is the backing fabric I will show you the finished quilt once I have the binding on…
And this morning I had so show you how intense Mollie is hiding in the hostas at the window she thinks that the life that is happening outside doesn`t see her but she chatters all the while…
I am going to be away for a bit life happenings and all see you soon.


  1. I have always liked vintage labels. The fabric showcasing them is wonderful.

  2. Mollie made me chuckle! That is very cute kitty fabric, and I love how you have your leftover border scraps.

  3. The mini pantry is lovely! And quite a clowder there on the back of the quilt. LOL


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