Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lots going on!! Happy Canada Day

My dad came to my home last week with a wonderful surprise!! Look what he made me hangers for my quilts..he was so worried that I wouldn't like them he was right!! I love them.. he is now sent home with making a couple more and also a few frames for some mini's and a quilt ladder!! you can see that I have my One Block Wonders on Display..oh happy day

I still have my Winter Wonderland quilt on my bed but it is so nice and light that it is great to sleep under for my parents.. this was done in 6 months when we had our SARS scare I was quarentined 2times cause I worked at the ER were it started and then was working at the other hospital where we had a break out.. it was a very scary time for me.. I had bought the focal fabric on a whim (before the scare).. there was a teacher there and she asked what I was going to do with "all" (8meters) that fabric.. not sure yet but now you can see what. I found the pattern in a Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 2002 mag machine pieced and then hand quilted it in 6 months.. it is my memory of walking my dogs in the winter that time I was not allowed to go anywhere.. you don't realize your freedom until it is taken away from you.

This is the other One block wonder doesn't my Dad's quilt hanger's look awesome!! he is looking for orders if anyone is interested that lives close enough to deliver (postage would be expensive) or maybe one of the stores in our area would like to have some there to sell my dad is very reasonable just email if you are interested. Alot of thought and caring goes into these

This is a mini that I am working on.. pattern was from a Fon's and Porter mag last 2008 borrowed the mag from my mother but gave it back

And this is an ongoing project I am working on.. it is my own round robin. The pattern in the middle was designed by someone in a Prim group I belong to and I wanted it as a medallion. The next blocks are an old pattern English Ivy.. it is one of most favorite patterns I have used it before and one day will make a whole quilt with it.. but love the effect it makes as a boarder.. now to think of another round.. it will be applique for sure..
I also have been visiting and catching up on what others are doing in their blogs I really love the design wall theme that is going on!!
Well Happy Canada Day hope you are able to do something great to commemorate.. We went to Montana's and ended up ordering the "Great Canadian Burgers" with sweet potatoe fries.. delicious!!


  1. LOL, we had yam fries too - but at home. I bought the new McCain frozen ones and they are just like the restaurant fries. Pricey though. I love the quilts and the quilt hangers your dad made you. Lucky you - a ladder soon too.

  2. Love-love-love the Winter Wonderland quilt. VERY classic looking!

    (Oh, and yay Dad!)


  3. I like your "own round robin". I guess that means you aren't passing it from person to person.

  4. Fantastic!!! like all your quilts

  5. Great quilts and I love the hangers your Dad made for you. Dad's are wonderful!

    Happy Canada Day!

  6. Happy Canada Day! The quilts are fantastic and so are the hangers. Your dad is very gifted. I too worked at a hospital during SARS. It is a time I will never forget.

  7. Happy Canada Day Deb. I love your winter quilt, its just beautiful and it has that monochrome look of a winters day, well done. Your one block wonder is beautiful, I love that one, makes me think of snow falling at night. Your dads hangers are beautiful, sigh.....australia is just too far away to pop in and buy some, please tell him they are beautifully crafted and I hope he finds buyers :-)

    Row robin is looking great, I love that ivy block too, I often admire it in an old quilting book I have, central medallion is beautiful, you know me and medallions!

    Dinner sounds nice, some time I might come eat with you!

  8. WOW...I wish I lived close enough to order a quilt hanger from your Dad...they're wonderful!

    I just love your one block wonder quilts, very beautiful.

  9. I forgot to mention that round robin that you are working on is just lovely! :o)

  10. Everything is just beautiful, Deb.

    Your minis continue to fascinate me. I just love mini quilts.

    Belated Happy Canada Day to you as well!

  11. Love, love your quilts especially the winterwonderland one. The quilt hangers are awesome.

  12. Wonderful hangers! Your father is totally awesome! Your one block wonders are fantastic as always! But that round robin project is my favourite! I love that central medalion! Your work is beautiful.

  13. I love the way the blocks drip off the edge of your kaleidoscope quilt. I have made a couple of them but only had them go into the border. I have fabric for one more so I might be stealing your idea!

  14. I love that wall hanger your dad made. Hangers actually. Very clever and it makes the quilts look so good doesn't it?
    Yeah sweet potato fries. I get them at Shoeless Joe's in Brooklin very yummy...

  15. Oh, your quilts are fabulous and your dad did a great job on the hangers too.

  16. Your father is very talented ... love those hangers. And he is making you a quilt ladder ... oh, happy days!
    Your quilts look gorgeous hanging up on the wall.

  17. That was sweet of your Dad (and they're awesome hangers!), it reminded me of my Dad, he used to make things from wood for me but now he's not in the best of health & moved far away so those days are gone. The One Block Wonders are beautiful!

  18. Happy belated Canada day..I missed it with DH around and under foot the past several days. :(

    I love the hangers your Dad made. They're like fine furniture..very well done! I'm amazed he's still able to do wood working at his age..good for him! If he makes you a ladder..I'm sure you'll love it. You're able to display and store quilts in such a small space with those. Your OBW quilts look fantastic displayed that way

    Your mini is too cute! Your have 3 to make? Yowsa! ;)

    I LOVE the pieced round you put on the Medallion. That center just begged to be a Medallion didn't it? I so look forward to what you do next!


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