Thursday, July 30, 2009

mini parade

These are the mini's that I am working on. I have only to put the binding on... I know everyone knows this is a double wedding ring. I am currently in 2 swaps and one of them won a draw to win a mini that I make. So I will be sending one of these mini's to her but not sure which one.

This one I am just starting it will be for the summer swap for Quilters Blogger the person will get wonderful dimensional butterflies I will post when completed... I just wanted to show the butterflies getting ready to flutter away on this wonderful background.

This one will also go to one of the members in Quilters last Resort as well... one of the ladies in Connecting Threads mini group made a Trip Around the World and I loved the pattern so of course I had to make one. just putting the binding on this as well. Machine pieced and quilted.

I know that I am going to make another one of these for myself. All these are patterns that I have taken outta the Mini Quilts Mags that are now out of print...Maybe if I keep making them and posting what I am doing they will start reprinting them again. I go through their mags over and over. Mother also got her pattern for her mini out of this mag.
thanks for visiting I know the posts are irregular but as you can see my hands are busy. I have not had alot of time to catchup on everyones blogs but will soon.. have a great long weekend.

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  1. What great minis. I'm doinfg the Quilting bloggers swap aswell. I've just designed my quilt which will be partly 3D too.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Wonderful minis. I really like your mother's mini,looks like she put a lot of thought and effort in it. happy quilting!

  3. Adorable.

    I stopped using clips and the like for bindings. I now use Sharon Schamber's method of a thin line of Elmer's Washable School Glue, press to dry then stitch.

    43 seconds into the video (part 3)

  4. They're just stunning, you know. One thing I've learned about minis - they may take less fabric, but they don't necessarily take less time! I'd be happy to receive any one of your quilts in a swap!

    What size are the TATW squares finished?

  5. Excellent mini quilts. Love the pretty butterflies.

  6. I love minis! The details and colours are incredible!

  7. Great job betweens on your trip around the world. I am entering my Amish Garden that I posted on CT into a quilt show this month. I have never entered one before, kind of scary. I love the blues you used on yours.


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