Saturday, July 11, 2009

if only you knew

that pics make a room much bigger than it really is.. I had to hug the wall to take these pics.. but then on reading everyones comments I realized gee.. maybe I do have alot of space.

I am almost embarassed to carry on but now that I opened my doors you might as well just come on in and see some more... I will not overwhelm you, we will do this in sections (so you can breath now)...I will show you more of my cupboards and my "meager" stash (now I do say this with a smile).

So what I did to compensate for no walls I added batting to the outside of the cupboards for my design wall by cutting the batting to size and using 2sided tape to adhere to the door. The tape comes off if I roll it off to replace the batting if necessary (I have not had to replace it and the more you use it the better the blocks stick) you can see some of the things that are on the wall. I never leave it totally empty I will put up a UFO just for some quilters color.

You can see a better pic of the ironing board I bought it at Quilters Cupboard and found flannel and a great ironing fabric one that holds the heat. The Pic-Nic baskets on top and a few of the containers.. yes are filled with UFO's. I will let you know that since this pic there is a hole next to the whicker basket. One UFO completed.. I hope to have that top cleared by the end of 2010 (if I am reasonable and honest with myself)

then comes the stacks of fabric.. now as you can see I am half organized cause they are put in color sections so that ain't to bad right?? the bottom right are all those miscellaneous that have no catagory.. you know the novelties and such. I have taken all this fabric and refolded it and put it in order and still have not found a fabric that I have asked myself why?? I still love it all..

The cupboards are Rubbermaid and I got them at Canadian Tire on sale I bought six of them and DH and I put them together. I thought I would be able to gather all my quilting gear and put it all in one never know how much you really have until you THINK you can put it all in one spot...I was wrong.
I love the chair I sit in that and watch T.V. sometimes when I have to unsew (dreaded words) and I guess I must have been cleaning that day cause I see the vaccuum part there.. and it had to be taken before June cause I still see Merry B's quilt there and my mini's on the design board that were for the Mini swap on Quilters Bloggers (which reminds me I have joined the summer swap as well). Today is the last day to sign up so if you are interested get over there and sign up quick...
well back to getting my work done.. I just finished 12 more blocks for the block swap I am entering on.. it is Canadian yahoo site so mailing is a little cheaper.. they are cat blocks and I would love to show you but.. I am not allowed and some of the members are following my blog. Sept I will show you I promise. Plus I am still finishing the binding on the bargello will be able to post it the next time and working on the mini's
I see that others are posting alot more so everyone is getting busy...check out a new blogger she is excellent in her quilting and has a showcase of antique quilts she is going to show is... you can finder her here..
Read her blog and you will find some excellent news but is justly deserved from the Quiltmaker mag
I know to much to read.. I will try to post less words and more pics next time.. chatty cathy today..
It looks like a good rainstorm today I put down the weed and feed and now let it rain.. have a super day quilter friends. thanks for your wonderful and supportive words..



  1. Thanks for showing your sewing room! I can't show mine - it would be too embarrassing. Hee Hee!

  2. You have a lot of sewing stuff ... lovely setting. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Oh, it just gets better! Can I come play? teehee!

  4. your sewing room is a delight.

  5. Now where are the shopping carts, Deb? You have enough goodies to open a shop and I want to be the first customer! I love it!

    Those Rubbermaid cupboards are the greatest. I could do with a few of those myself. Are they plastic?

  6. Great sewing room. I love how you put the batting on the doors. Great job.

  7. OOOOhhhhhhhhh Deb, can I come fossick in your sewing room? thanks for sharing pics, I love seeing where friends are working adn creating. How big is your sewing room? Mine is only 9' x 12' so I think a bit smaller than yours. Love all your projects peeking out

  8. You sure do have a stash of beautiful fabric.

  9. Really? Wow! That is a serious stash o' fabric! How fun!

  10. I am very jealous of your fabric stash!

  11. I love how you used the front of the cupboards for a design wall. Good thinking! Your sewing room looks great! A nice fabric stash. I can't show you mine - maybe after I clean it up a bit.

  12. I really enjoyed getting a peek at the place where you "work your magic"! You have a nice space and so neat and tidy. I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one that has a "landing area"..a place where we park things until they can be used, worked on/or with or put away. :)
    I also try to keep something up on my design wall. Mine is made of foam core sheets and it looks so bare..and odd(and blue) to me when there's nothing there.


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