Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do you have a go to Quilting pattern?

One of my favourite patterns is the Baptiste Fan. I love how a quilt looks being quilted with this pattern. I am quilting a mini (another) and used this pattern also on larger quilts. I don`t want to over use it but if I can`t think of anything else it becomes my go to pattern.
The blocks are from scraps that I had left from pie in the sky I ended up making up this block with the strips that I had left. It is really a mishmash of scraps.

I have part of the star quilt together I got over the hurdle of putting those boarders on that are inside the quilt. I am going to add another white boarder and then another of the Hydrangea boarder to make is a queen. DH and I laid this part on the bed and the star just fits perfectly over the queen bed, he even wants one of these! LOL


  1. Deb your Star quilt is breathtakin! The colors are perfect.

  2. I don't blame your DH for wanting this quilt, it's a beauty! Your mini quilt is a great way to use leftovers, isn't it?

  3. I learned that pattern as ocean waves. Among Native American quilters, it is probably the most used.

  4. Baptist fan is my favourite too! It gives a lovely effect and is so easy and comfortable to do. I pin the quilt all over with safety pins and then mark the quilt as I go along. It is great to do whilst watching TV. I rest the quilt on the coffee table and sew on my knee.
    Your star quilt is beautiful!

  5. Baptist Fan, my favorite go to quilt pattern..In fact, I've used it on two quilts this year.

  6. Your star quilt is beautiful! I also love the Baptist fan quilt design!

  7. Log cabin blocks. I don't make them as often as I want... but I LOVE 'EM!!!!



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