Monday, January 5, 2009

I can't get no... na na na na..

I am not sure if you heard the song can't get no "satisfaction" well mine is sleep. I was up from 1230am until 300pm the next day and this is why if you look to your right. It is another group I belong to (sorry they are currently not taking new members) but this is the pattern they had selected for a "Small group project" so i started with cutting the templates and then thought I would select a few fabrics and then thought weellll.. I'll do it till I am tired and then I was done. Ihave it all "glued" to the just to applique. It is a little bright still for primitive.. I started with the basket so did start and then the yellow was jumpin up and down and said pick me.. so I did..then those leaves with the turquoise lines..well I like it.

The block is 21 in and they said you can do a pillow. I am thinking of a Medallion. I love the Australian Patchwork Mags that do that I think I will try to design my own applique 3 round boarder after I piece the second round. If you look closely or click on the pic the circles on the vase..are little bunnies...just a little fussy cutting..LOL

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  1. The Block is beautiful. Well worth staying up for!

  2. This block is fantastic. Look forward to seeing how you use it in a quilt.

  3. beautiful block, oh I love the surprise of the bunnies in the vase.
    cute :)
    can't wait to see what you decide to do with this block.

  4. This would make a lovely center for a medallion quilt. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. And I don't think it is too bright for a primitive style.

  5. I am new to blogging, was googling to find my site as if anyone ever will and found you. I love your block!!! Love the site!!


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