Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa`s sleigh is empty!!!

cause I think it all came to my house!!!

The first gift I received was this wonderful old world Santa panel all made up and ready to hang from my Secret Santa she also gave me a wonderful kitchen towel with Christmas candies on it.
She lives in Ohio and is still waiting for the one I sent her 2 weeks ago.... Thank you so much Marion it is a great Christmas treasure
The parcels above are just amazing all except the package on the left bottom of fabric came out of another huge envelope from my Secret Santa while I was emptying out the package DH and thought it was never going to end, it was an avalanche of presents. I didn`t want to bore you with the wrapped gifts so DH and I opened them so you can see all the prezzies.

The package on the left bottom is gorgeous William Morris fabric I had won (which I am still pinching myself I can`t believe I won) on Michelle`s blog just click on her name and you will see these gorgeous peonies she is sharing with us right now she has a fantastic blog.

The other gifts are from another group I belong to that is just Canadian`s and is on yahoo. It is called Canadianquiltersonline
My SS was MIA and that is understandable cause life happens she was having some health issues but I just got this yesturday and you have to click closer to look I got a whole quilt store of goodies I tried to take a picture of everything. Even that homemade scarf on top which is perfect a Mug Rug and Glass bottom stem holders just unbelieveable....and I am telling you that is not all click on the picture and you will see everything more clearly
I have not had a tree up since I got the cats and now you can see why this tree has only been up for 5 min and Miss Molly had to check it out the last time I had one up she climbed it . Under the tree is the most thoughtful people in the world. Knowing that my SS was under the weather I did not expect anything next thing ya know I am getting these little squishes in the mail marked SSE. and in it were tokens of these wonderful gifts SSE stood for Secret Santa`s are Everywhere. These are all from the Canadian quilters on Line group they are very thoughtful. I can `t thank them enough this could not have come at a better time.

They could not have been more thoughtful so for about 2 weeks now I have been getting squishes and I don`t think there are any left for you others waiting out there..I got them all!!
Look at all this loot amazing!!

I had been working on a quilt and this was a piece that was left over that is flannel so I have sewn it into a little case for my camera. I can`t take a picture of the camera in the little case cause I am using it..LOL

Also on the Canadian Group we have decided to do a swap on Maple leaves and like the eager beaver I am (pun intended) I have already made 12 of the blocks..I hope you can see the fabric it is very very cool they really look like leaves

Well I want to thank all the bloggers that post their quilting journey`s and their free patterns and their whimsy ways. Your travels through the quilting world is very enjoyable and I hope that in the New Year we are able to share more.
Merry Christmas to you all and have a safe, happy, and healthy New year


  1. Well no wonder Santa didn't stop here yet, his sleigh was loaded with your presents LOL. What a wonderful selection of gifts you have received!!

    Merry Christmas!!


  2. Merry Christmas!!!

    Love your cat photo!!!

  3. Merry Christmas! Lovely, so many presents. You must feel very warm and loved this Christmas!

  4. What lovely presents! Merry Christmas to you!

  5. I was blog hopping and meant to stop at yours:) Lots in common, quilts, cats and a Scorpio too! (Nov.21) We have been doing some renovations to our home which is nearly over, and had to get a quilter contact fix! LOL Although I have just put a customer quilt on the long arm machine, so will be doing some quilting soon! Waving to you from snowy SE Ohio.

  6. I enjoyed browsing through all your goodies .... you lucky girl!

    It was a fun get-together. Thanks so much for the bread and the cookies. DH and I have been enjoying them.

  7. I can't believe I missed this post....missed a few lately, wonder what blogger was doing. What lovely goodies you have, you will certainly enjoy using them!


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