Friday, July 16, 2010

Want to Learn Handwork

You should go visit Crispy on the left of her sidebar you will see an icon Hand Piecing with Crispy she is an excellent quilter and does ALL her quilts by hand...yes all the piecing and quilting and applique. Crispy has done alot of work in preparing for these tutorials which took precious quilting time away from her. Take a moment and go visit I am sure with this fast pace world we can all slow down for a minute and work with our hands again.

So if you want to visit her site you can click on her name to see what quilts she has lovingly created if you want to go right to the tutorial click on the headline of this post I will also add her button to my sidebar.

Thank goodness it is Friday!!!


  1. Hey Deb, thanks for the shout out :0) It's ok that I wasn't actually was still a quilting related adventure LOL.


  2. Thanks for telling us about it!


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