Sunday, July 18, 2010

shop til ya drop

I went to a sale a couple of weeks ago where all these kits were 50 percent off.. now I could not resist them!! this one I will use the fabric for something else but you could not get these for the price I did on their own.. so I nabbed it...

the one below I have been eyeing this kit at another store for ages and ages and they wanted way to much money for I only pet the picture as I walked out the door well...guess what I had bought so much from this store she let me have it for almost half so I was very very will see the date since 2006 believe me I have been eyeing this since then.. I want to make it in the turquiose colors but I also want to make it in scrappy civil war so now I also have the pattern. if you would like to visit her store just click on my title it will link you there...they have some very gorgeous fabric I mean gorgeous!!!
this is my yo yo village as you can see we are coming along it takes alot of thought when you are limited on the amount of fabric choices. I would have these kits made up of fat 1/8`s fabric choices than 1/4`s for more variety.. but it is coming along

I went out on a boat cruise with my honey last night around the Toronto Islands...we had a great time meeting other people and also dancing....but boy it was hot and today I am suffering from hip much of the old dance moves in a body that hasn`t done it in a while...will post some pics for next time with other goodies I bought...
I am so in love with another applique quilt that is hitting the bloggin circuit..not sure if you all are following Janet (quiltsalott) but she is appliquing a wonderful Kim Mclean quilt that you have to go visit...this is the second Aussie designer that I have fallen for...these ladies on the island are just so talented...I am soo sooo soo tempted.


  1. What bargains you got with those kits Debra, I can sure see why you've bee longing for the sunny garden quilt..!! Kim McLean is just so, so talented isn't she? I love her new quilt and of course Janet's work alone is enough to inspire anyone, he quilt is looking amazing..

  2. lucky were you, specially because you have been eyeing off one of these kits for such a long time! It definitely pays to be a frequent customer, doesn't it.

  3. Oh yes, Janet says the pattern is almost ready for release....I'm buyin' this baby!! LOL

    Hey, great bargains AND to get the one you have been drooling I mean over is a bonus!!


  4. Isn't it great to find bargains of things that you love. I have seen Janet's quilt. It is fabulous.

  5. The Sunny Garden kit looks like something I would like. I am not very good at actually using a kit. I buy them and they sit on the shelf. I am looking forward to seeing yours in progress.

  6. I love your patterns especially the Moon in the Window one.... have fun doing them... good shopping... you yoyo quilt is really coming along nicely.. love the colors...

  7. I love your new kit's. Those are quilts that I woud love to make !

  8. Oh, I love that pattern. It will be great?


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