Thursday, July 8, 2010

I`m live!!!!

and what better way to show it by giving a little garden happiness.. I had taken some of these pictures at 5am so that is why the background is so dark

my clematis one of them
my climbing hydrangea the first year it has flowered so much last year I got one at the top...LOL notice all the hostas bowing to this tower of flowers

this is one of my favorite climbers but not sure what it is I love the thingy that holds the bloom it is oval and the flowers are so different to me..

in my glory (don`t mind the grassy weeds in front) they left after the photo was taken
My first post on my new hard drive and I am so happy next will be some quilt shots. My friend Sandy had Mactavished (machine quilting design) one of my applique wall quilts I will be picking it up tomorrow...I didn`t sleep well all day I am so excited cause I know it will be exceptional...
well off to work...bye bye my wee hard drive I just want to hug it right now...
oh and I will be going to the Picton Quilt show this weekend.. I never miss their show really worth going too that is Picton Ontario


  1. Gorgeous flowers! So glad you are up and running! XO

  2. Beautiful flowers!! Oh the joy of having a working computer LOL!!


  3. Wow, you are connected to the world again! Are those pretty yellow flowers, honeysuckle?
    Have fun at the quilt show - wish I could come too.

  4. Welcome back, Deb. So glad you're up and running again.

  5. Hi Deb,
    Have fun at the show. Afraid its a miss for us this year.
    I think its honeysuckle too. We have one in our garden.
    Glad to have you back.

  6. Lovely garden, I don't think we can grow the vines here in Dorset, winter are too cold for them to survive.
    I wondered what happened to is summer though.
    Enjoy the show...take photos.

  7. Those pretty yellow flowers are honeysuckle. It's a gorgeous climbing vine with a wonderful scent.

  8. Glad that you are back and your flowers are gorgeous! Have fun at the show and take lots of photos. Looking forward to seeing your applique quilt!!!

  9. Hurray! Isn't it great being connected? Love your flowers and shrubs. I vote for honeysuckle too. Can't wait to see all your quilty goodness!

  10. Your flowrs are lovely... and different...

  11. What a gorgeous garden you must have!


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