Thursday, September 30, 2010

Great Buy-LAQ`S or wanna be`s

My friend Sandy is selling her HandiQuilter to upgrade on another machine (she made a mistake and went to a weekend LAQ`s convention...and found the perfect machine to upgrade too..)

Her machine is in excellent condition and is perfect for anyone interested in buying/or thinking of buying a machine. You can email her at . I have seen the quilts she has done on this machine and believe me they have been beautiful.

HandiQuilter-Fusion 24in if you have dreamt about LAQ├Čng this is an excellent is only 1 year old...tell her Deb sent cha...

On the other note I have been so crazy busy working many hours and getting used to my new job...quilting has taken a back burner at the moment so that I can adjust to all the life changes.. one thing I noticed working days is that more people are holding there heads...but I love my job and know that I will finally settle down there... thanks for your patience I have lots of pictures but no time to show them off...

remember there are 3 quilt shows this weekend. Ingersoll, London and Essex check the Canadian Quilters Association link for all the details I was hoping to hit one of them but I am working nights this weekend and really don`t have time to travel that far it is 2hours from me...Essex is the farthest almost 5hours....but I can dream... I am hoping when October starts up life will be a little more normal...I can only hope


  1. Thanks for the reminder on the Quilt Shows. I had forgotten about London's -- a mere 1 1/2 hours away from me. I bet the colours are worth the drive and the quilt show would just be a bonus!

  2. Shame you can't get to the's always inspirational to see what other people are doing! Ina little while you will be settled in your job that you will have forgotten you ever worked anywhere else.

  3. I would love a long arm, but still paying for my sewing machine;) It never seems like we have enough time to make all of the quilts we want.


  4. Too bad you can't make it to the quilt shows. I won't be going either. Saw you at the guild meeting last week, but never got a chance to talk to you. But thanks to your blog I now know what is going on in your life. Take care and don't work too hard. Hope you can find some quilting time soon.

  5. re: the name of your blog.

    if it is "a" (singular) women's "piece" of mind then you have to say a "woman's" piece of mind. if you want it to apply to many women, then leave out the "a."

    love your blog and your work, but not the grammar.

    hope you take this in the helpful spirit with which it is offered.

  6. re: the name of your blog, "...a women's piece of mind."
    if you mean many women, then leave out the "a." but i think you want to say, "a woman's piece of mind."

    love love love your work and blog, but the grammar should be correct.

    i hope you take this in the spirit with which it is intended.

  7. your blog should be called a "woman's" piece of mind, not a "women's" piece of mind. or, just "women's" piece of mind. leave out the "a."

  8. Both quilt are beautiful. Although I can't say I'm looking forward to snow just yetI do agree that quilting helps with my peace of mind too.


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