Monday, October 22, 2012

If I could only count



I got my leaves done but thought I could only send out seven sets of eight. I packaged my leaves after raking them up and look I have 9 packages of Seven. I  made one more leaf and then separated one of the packages putting a leaf  into each one and now I have 8 packages of eight…If I could only count….so there are 64 leaves waiting to flutter to all regions.


Wait not tired of making leaves yet!! Our BOM for guild RVQG is leaves as well so I whipped this baby up and now I can hand in a BOM. I will say one thing I am well practiced in HST by now would you not say?

I hope I have a chance at this BOM I think a few of these in the center would be lovely with what I got planned If I don`t guess what I will be making more leaves…LOL

There was lots of inspiration with our fall this year we really got the full Monty of colors in our area. Hope you are able to get some sewing time in and outside time too…


  1. Love your red leaves.......we're seeing a lot of them at present!

  2. I love that kind of leaves that can be left to enjoy...all spread out and not a rake in sight.

  3. Pretty leaves! I really must put my blocks together from our on-line group swap!

  4. I do like the scrappy look of your leaves .... am wondering what you will be doing with them!

  5. Just found your blog through Quilting Canadians. Happy to be a follower! Great leaves!


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