Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Face

Well it was time to change the face of my blog. Black was great for the winter but summer sunshine is in and all things around is so much brighter.
I think I am in this frame due to a wonderful new project that I am working on for a class sample it is "Aunt Millie's Garden" by Piece of Cake designs (BTW one of my favorite designers. I am not going to use the reds background but continue in their fashion they use with the pieced come in a later date.

I have also finished 2 blocks for Elly Sienkiewicz's new book for 2010 on Friendship Baltimore albums. Blocks are being made from all over the world and each country will represent itself... this is a very exciting opportunity and I am just so honoured to be apart of it - due to publications infringments I had to remove the pics of Elly's blocks her book will be coming out in 2010.. sorry for the inconvenience.

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