Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost on its way

I took a while with this quilt there are decisions that I was not sure of and wanted to make sure that they were right. I am not sure if anyone saw this at the beginning when I first started blogging... but it is a quilt that I put together with blocks from a nine patch and a bullseye swap that a member had participated in and then passed away. It was very sad for me and many of the members cause we all started in a forum called Quilters Talk by Fon's and Porter then it shut down abruptly and we lost all of what we had accumulated there.. pictures, tips and tutorials and friendships.
We were fortunate that members had started bonding and emailing each other and were able to let each other know of another group we all were heading to that another member organized...well we had problems with the "tech person" and that closed!! then another member decided that was it!! she and her hubby made another site and it turned out another member had the same idea so we now have 2 sister forums that have their own members running it with trusting originators to help make them a home. I have the links on the side bar Quilters Last Resort and Coming Together to QuiltIn all this transition and just settling in our dear Merrybee passed suddenly and we had the opportunity to meet her lovely daughter...Shelley.
Shelley said she had all these blocks and not sure what to do with them so I offered to do something with them. I got the blocks and thought I could whip it up for Christmas... didn't happen I had it planned and partially together but had 12 blocks left that I had to get in the quilt my motive was to use all the signature blocks none were going on the back of the quilt!! Plus it was for her husband so what kinda boarder was I gonna do.. that is what took the longest. Finally had that figured out and then I had to find a LAQ cause I sure could not machine quilt it..I kept practicing but there was no way I would only make a Friend Sandy Lindal (the one that did my mini earlier) quilted it for me with whimsical fluttering bees and flowers how perfect!! in the nine patches she used this wonderful scroll pattern and a great leafy pattern along the skinny boarder.
I have the binding on and now am making the signature block.. guess what it is you are right!! it will be a bee. I was able to get the pattern from

So on the note of friends I would like to thank everyone for their time out of their sewing and voting on which Miniwill go to my swap will be the thimble.. the reasoning makes sense.
The bonus all those that had commented are put in a little box and I pulled out #6 Mary in Lake Pulaski... will get the black and white one.. I know I didn't say it was to be a draw.. but with all the hands up on everyone wanting it I thought it was a great idea.. Mary I will email you for your address.. thanks again everyone for your wonderful time!!


  1. I really like the setting on the quilt! And a nice story to go with it, though a bit sad.

  2. Hi,

    With your permission I'd like to add your blog to the blog page of my new quilting directory, Quilt Qua : You can let me know if you'd like to be included. If you would like to be on the first alpha list, you simply need to let me know you've made mention, or placed a link on your site, back to Quilt Qua. I can send you a graphic if you'd like one for that purpose.

    I try to check my lists, but if I've already contacted you, I'm sorry.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Please note photos are always welcome on the Show and Tell page (right now there is a giveaway connected to the show and tell), and do let me know if I've missed your business to list on the web site!

    Thank you,
    Connie Colten
    Quilt Qua

  3. What a touching story. The quilt came out fantastic.

  4. Oh Betweens, thank you so much. Merry Bee would be so happy. It is beautiful. TxMaryQuilts

  5. Thanks for the lovely surprise of drawing my name.

  6. A lovely quilt .... though sad .... you did a wonderful job and Merry Bee would be so proud!

  7. I love the story and the quilt!

  8. Debra, your quilts are beautiful. I love the setting on the Memory quilt. And the Aunt Millie's Garden is outstanding.


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