Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Revamping the Quilting room



I have been busy revamping these cupboards are now in my hall full of fabric only


cupboards on the right are full of fabric and notions…don`t look on top there is stuff there too.


now this may not look tidy to you but it is to me and there is a load of projects that are UFO`s I am working on


these are my 4patchposie swap blocks, I am piecing the edges on each of the blocks and then putting a 1in strip in between they will look kiltered. The fabric that is the foundation is Laurel Birch…in the stash it was!! this is going to be 7x7 blocks they are 12 1/8 after the foundation is put on. it will be a nice size. I have used 49 of my swap blocks…its okay there were a couple of doubles.


as you can see my design wall can only hold 5 rows. I tried to place the blocks so it was light dark, light dark.

after this there will be another swap block to post after it is put together, and to finish the giant star this weekend.

okay back to work….


  1. Busy, busy days in your space. You'll get it to the point that makes you happy and keep quilting. :-)

  2. Tidy is a relative notion ... my opinion and I'm stickin'to it. I should go back and see how those swap blocks were made. They sure are attractive.

  3. It always feels so good to re-organize in the quilt room! Why don't we do it more often? hehe

  4. Love those 4 patch posie blocks, they will make such a pretty quilt! We all need our own creative mess to work in, don't we? I have a sigh in my sewing room which says "I'm creative - you can't except me to be neat, too"!

  5. Interesting that you have a design wall on the front of your cupboards. I don't have doors on my storage units to do anything like that. Lots to look at!

  6. Oh it looks like my sewing room ;)
    Now I don't feel so bad!

  7. I so enjoyed seeing your revamped sewing room and all the show and tell!

  8. Wow - somebody's been very busy! Nice!

  9. my sewing room is beginning to resemble your... orderly disorder... and when I began sewing I couldn't understand having a stash... too funny

  10. Thanks for sharing your sewing space. Very fun.


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