Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where to start

I have been busy, very busy so much that there was too much to post so I am going to go backwards
starting with this weekend, happy long weekend to those that have one. Cheri -quilts by Cheri had posted steps to make this project with 3 1/2in blocks I used fabric scraps from a quilt I just finished and another one. Just put this all together this weekend
I am in the shades of beige, creams and off whites  mood right now
I picked up 2  split nine patch kits a while back at The Quilt Store they both made a lap quilt but I wanted a queen so I put them together, first split nine patch I have done and learned what not to do and what to do for the next time.
this is the border fabric for it. I have it on but didn`t realize that I didn`t update a picture next time I guess.
Oh the design wall is Table clothes from the dollar store works like a charm no pins to keep this quilt up and the more you use it the more your blocks stick…2 bucks roll and go if you want. I learned this from my retreat in April the Canadian Group

Well off to see what other kinda trouble I can get myself into...


  1. Trouble? you? those neutral colours!

  2. deb, love those colors... pretty border fabric...have some charms sitting here that I thought I would do a split nine patch with... I taught a class on it..

  3. That border fabric is yummy! I have never done a split nine patch but I sure like the result.

  4. I'm sure loving your fabric color mood! Great work.

  5. Lovely .... when you are in the mood to do something, wham .... it gets one so quickly! I will look forward to seeing all the eye candy that you did lately on my next trip south.

  6. Not fair - you didn't tell us what you should or shouldn't do with a split nine patch. Come on.... share!!
    Love your quilts.

  7. I do like those fabrics and really neat pattern too.

  8. Love that pattern and really love your colors...


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