Thursday, October 17, 2013

Starting to do some quilting

this was 2 1/2 inch strips that I swapped, blocks are together just have to make it into a quilt, I am using the back of table clothes from the dollar store as a design wall they work great and roll up your project to take where ever you may want to finish. I am going to take this to the feast and finish at Irene`s
The pattern is another Bonnie Hunter called Many Trips around the world, it is still free on her site
i love this picture with Cheech and that curly tongue..LOL lucky shot
and this is a closer and better shot of a very handsome boy. he looks pretty good for a 9èr


  1. Very cute little curly pink tongue indeed! One of these days I will use some of my uglies for that design.

  2. Your Scrappy Trips look great, Debra! That is a good idea to just roll up the tablecloth and take it with you. Have fun at Irene's!

  3. He certainly is a handsome boy! Crazy tongue though! Have never seen another dog be able to do that. Must be Cheech talent! Love your quilt to be. I am still working on mine, among other things.

  4. Deb, love your quilt. I've been doing a few pieced quilts lately too. The cost of the custom quilting for the applique quilts is hard on my budget! lol
    Yes, Cheech is a handsome boy. I think it is wonderful of you to take him in.

  5. You must be enjoying seeing that trip get its act together. I love it!
    Hugs to Cheech. He doesn't seem to be camera-shy.

  6. Lovely trip around the world quilt!! So sweet Cheech has a forever home. :)

  7. We have had four Chihuahuas. They all had rough starts but are so worth it. Possibly the saddest story in our lives was a Min Pin who was rescued by the group we were working with. She was 11 1/2 years old and had spent her entire life breeding in a kennel. Her tummy was distended, most of her teeth were gone. We fostered her for a few weeks and then adopted her. She trusted me. How she could have that kind of trust after a lousy life, I'll never know. She had three good (spoiled) years with us. I still cry when I think of this little 6 1/2 pound old girl had such a terrible life. She will always be in my heart. These guys are tougher than we are sometimes.

  8. Your quilt is lovely and Cheech is so cute....


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